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Political Behavior

Issue 4/2022

Content (22 Articles)

Original Paper

‘Why Me?’ The Role of Perceived Victimhood in American Politics

Miles T. Armaly, Adam M. Enders

Original Paper

Expressive Politics as (Costly) Norm Following

Mark Pickup, Erik O. Kimbrough, Eline A. de Rooij

Original Paper

Pay Your Debts: Moral Dilemmas of International Debt

Alessandro Del Ponte, Peter DeScioli

Open Access Original Paper

Uncovering the Source of Patrimonial Voting: Evidence from Swedish Twin Pairs

Rafael Ahlskog, Anton Brännlund

Open Access Original Paper

Asian American Candidate Preferences: Evidence from California

Vivien Leung

Open Access Original Paper

Propaganda, Presumed Influence, and Collective Protest

Haifeng Huang, Nicholas Cruz

Original Paper

Partisan Alignment Increases Voter Turnout: Evidence from Redistricting

Bernard L. Fraga, Daniel J. Moskowitz, Benjamin Schneer

Original Paper

Promoting the Youth Vote: The Role of Informational Cues and Social Pressure

Daniel E. Bergan, Dustin Carnahan, Nazita Lajevardi, Mel Medeiros, Sarah Reckhow, Kjerstin Thorson


Correction: Beyond Performance: Racial Prejudice and Whites’ Mistrust of Government

Alexandra Filindra, Noah J. Kaplan, Beyza E. Buyuker

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