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Open Access 17-05-2022 | Original Paper

Bridging the Gaps Between Us: Explaining When and Why People of Color Express Shared Political Views

People of color (PoC) will soon become a demographic majority in the U.S., but this overlooks major differences in how various PoC are treated by American society and the political priorities they hold. We build a theory that explains when and why …

13-05-2022 | Original Paper

Personality Traits and Approaches to Political Representation and Responsiveness: An Experiment in Local Government

The selection process by which individuals are recruited and elected into office creates a population of elected officials with distinct characteristics and personality traits. In this paper, we investigate the relationship between those …

04-05-2022 | Original Paper

Information Spillovers to Discipline Politicians

In yardstick competition, the availability of information pertaining to neighbouring jurisdictions is crucial for enabling voters to increase political accountability. Using a three-jurisdiction yardstick competition model and three measures of …

03-05-2022 | Original Paper

Economic Growth and Political Approval Ratings: Evidence from Latin America

Using a panel of 17 Latin American countries for the period 2002–18, we study the impact of economic variables on government approval. Our empirical analysis shows that the one economic variable that appears consistently in all estimates is …

02-05-2022 | Original Paper

Response Decoupling and Partisans' Evaluations of Politicians' Transgressions

There is growing interest in the study of expressive responding in public opinion surveys, with scholars seeking to determine whether partisan differences in response to survey items attest to genuine differences in perceptions or to insincere …

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Political Behavior publishes original research in the general fields of political behavior, institutions, processes, and policies. Coverage focuses on conventional and unconventional political behavior of individuals or small groups, and of large organizations that participate in the political process such as parties, interest groups, political action committees, governmental agencies, and mass media.

As an interdisciplinary journal, Political Behavior integrates a variety of analytical approaches across different levels of theoretical abstraction and empirical domain. The exploration includes economic perspectives in preference structuring and bargaining; psychological aspects of attitude, motivations and perceptions; sociological orientation of roles, group or class; or political stance in decision making, coalitions and influence.

Officially cited as: Polit Behav

Published in association with the Elections, Public Opinion, and Voting Behavior section of the American Political Science Association.

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