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14-06-2019 | Original Paper

Preparation of new PVC composite using green reduced graphene oxide and its effects in thermal and mechanical properties

In the present study, it was focused on developing mechanically stronger and thermally more stable polyvinyl chloride (PVC) composites by using green reduced graphene oxide (GRGO) filler to strengthen the negative features of PVC. For this …

13-06-2019 | Original Paper

The chemical synthesis and characterizations of silver-doped polyaniline: role of silver–solvent interactions

In this work, we successfully synthesized silver-doped polyaniline (NPANI-Ag-X; X represents I− and BF4− dopants,) by using chemical oxidation polymerization in various solvent media, which are deionized water, dimethylformamide, acetonitrile …

12-06-2019 | Original Paper

Preparation and flocculation properties of biodegradable konjac glucomannan-grafted poly(trimethyl allyl ammonium chloride)

Preparation of konjac glucomannan-grafted poly(trimethyl allyl ammonium chloride) (KGM-g-PTMAAC) was carried out using KGM as polysaccharide matrix and TMAAC as cationic comonomer to develop biodegradable flocculants. The structure of KGM-g-PTMAAC …

12-06-2019 | Original Paper

Magnetic polyresorcinol@CoFe2O4@MnS nanoparticles for adsorption of Pb(II), Ag(I), Cr(VI) and bacteria from water solution

This study devoted to developing an efficient adsorbent with the excellent adsorption performance of heavy metals and bacteria capturing. Polyresorcinol@CoFe2O4 was synthesized by one-step hydrothermal reaction followed with doping MnS …

12-06-2019 | Original Paper

Fabrication and evaluation studies of novel polyvinylpyrrolidone and 2-acrylamido-2-methylpropane sulphonic acid-based crosslinked matrices for controlled release of acyclovir

The aim of the present study was to fabricate chemically crosslinked matrix system of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP)-co-poly 2-acrylamido-2-methylpropane sulphonic acid (AMPS) through a free radical copolymerization method for controlled delivery of …

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