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19-05-2022 | Original Paper

Modeling population density guided by land use-cover change model: a case study of Bogotá

Population densities provide valuable spatial information to identify populations at risk, quantify mobility, and improve our understanding of future urban settlements. Advancements in machine learning algorithms open up new horizons to face these …

10-05-2022 | Original Paper

A machine learning analysis of drought and rural population change on the North American Great Plains since the 1970s

Machine learning techniques have to date not been widely used in population-environment research, but represent a promising tool for identifying relationships between environmental variables and population outcomes. They may be particularly useful …

Open Access 07-05-2022 | Original Paper

Does a prolonged hardship reduce life span? Examining the longevity of young men who lived through the 1930s Great Plains drought

The Great Plains drought of 1931–1939 was a prolonged socio-ecological disaster with widespread impacts on society, economy, and health. While its immediate impacts are well documented, we know much less about the disaster’s effects on distal …

11-04-2022 | Original Paper

The effect of natural disasters on nuptiality: evidence from L’Aquila earthquake (Italy)

Drawing on socio-psychology and economics literature contributions, this paper provides an original conceptual framework examining whether and how natural disasters exert any influence on nuptiality. Scholars suggest that disasters remind people …

04-03-2022 | Original Paper

Gender and climate action

It is well-known that men and women differ in their views regarding the severity of climate change, but do they also differ in their support for climate policy and in undertaking climate action in their everyday lives? Previous survey evidence on …

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About this journal

The sole social science journal focused on interdisciplinary research on social demographic aspects of environmental issues. The journal publishes cutting-edge research that contributes new insights on the complex, reciprocal links between human populations and the natural environment.

The journal covers important international issues and embraces all the main fields in population studies and their environmental dimensions. Quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods contributions are welcome.

Disciplines commonly represented include demography, geography, sociology, human ecology, environmental economics, public health, anthropology and environmental studies. Examples of relevant topics include:

Fertility and land availability, tenure systems * Mortality or morbidity and environmental, pollutant exposures * Migration and natural resource decline * Health, well being and environmental implications of development * Social stratification and natural hazards * Quality of life and environmental amenities * Population redistribution and land use change * Population composition and energy consumption * Urbanization’s impact on environment and human health * Gender and environmental concern * Disease patterns and climate change * demographic aspects of consumption-environment linkages.

Authors can make supplementary materials available with their online article. These might include color maps, tables, videos, or datasets.

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