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Power Electronics and Power Systems

Power Electronics and Power Systems

Power Electronics and Power Systems

51 Volumes | 1988 - 2021


The Power Electronics and Power Systems Series encompasses power electronics, electric power restructuring, and holistic coverage of power systems. The Series comprises advanced textbooks, state-of-the-art titles, research monographs, professional books, and reference works related to the areas of electric power transmission and distribution, energy markets and regulation, electronic devices, electric machines and drives, computational techniques, and power converters and inverters. The Series features leading international scholars and researchers within authored books and edited compilations. All titles are peer reviewed prior to publication to ensure the highest quality content. To inquire about contributing to the Power Electronics and Power Systems Series, please contact Dr. Joe Chow, Administrative Dean of the College of Engineering and Professor of Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Jonsson Engineering Center, Office 7012, 110 8th Street, Troy, NY USA, 518-276-6374,

All books of the series Power Electronics and Power Systems

2021 | Book

Use of Voltage Stability Assessment and Transient Stability Assessment Tools in Grid Operations

This book brings together real-world accounts of using voltage stability assessment (VSA) and transient stability assessment (TSA) tools for grid management. Chapters are written by leading experts in the field who have used these tools to manage …

2020 | Book

Design and Analysis of Distributed Energy Management Systems

Integration of EMS, EV, and ICT

This book provides key ideas for the design and analysis of complex energy management systems (EMS) for distributed power networks. Future distributed power networks will have strong coupling with (electrified) mobility and …

2019 | Book

Power System Grid Operation Using Synchrophasor Technology

This book brings together successful stories of deployment of synchrophasor technology in managing the power grid. The authors discuss experiences with large scale deployment of Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) in power systems across the world …

2019 | Book

Smart Grid Control

Overview and Research Opportunities

This book focuses on the role of systems and control. Focusing on the current and future development of smart grids in the generation and transmission of energy, it provides an overview of the smart grid control landscape, and the potential impact …

2018 | Book

Power System Operations

This textbook provides a detailed description of operation problems in power systems, including power system modeling, power system steady-state operations, power system state estimation, and electricity markets. The book provides an appropriate …

2018 | Book

Grid-Side Converters Control and Design

Interfacing Between the AC Grid and Renewable Power Sources

This textbook is intended for engineering students taking courses in power electronics, renewable energy sources, smart grids or static power converters. It is also appropriate for students preparing a capstone project where they need to …

2017 | Book

Power GaN Devices

Materials, Applications and Reliability

This book presents the first comprehensive overview of the properties and fabrication methods of GaN-based power transistors, with contributions from the most active research groups in the field. It describes how gallium nitride has emerged as an …

2017 | Book

Synchronized Phasor Measurements and Their Applications

This book builds on the cutting edge research presented in the previous edition that was the first of its kind to present the technology behind an emerging power systems management tool still in the early stages of commercial roll-out. In the …

2017 | Book

Distributed Linear Programming Models in a Smart Grid

This book showcases the strengths of Linear Programming models for Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), such as the Smart Grids. Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) consist of computational components interconnected by computer networks that monitor and control …

2017 | Book

Integration of Large-Scale Renewable Energy into Bulk Power Systems

From Planning to Operation

This book outlines the challenges that increasing amounts of renewable and distributed energy represent when integrated into established electricity grid infrastructures, offering a range of potential solutions that will support engineers, grid …

2016 | Book

Analysis and Damping Control of Power System Low-frequency Oscillations

This book presents the research and development results on power systems oscillations in three categories of analytical methods. First is damping torque analysis which was proposed in 1960’s, further developed between 1980-1990, and widely used in …

2015 | Book

Electric Power Engineering Research and Education

A festschrift for Gerald T. Heydt

This unique volume covers the most compelling areas of advance in electric power engineering, from distributed generation and dispatch to power quality improvement and energy storage. The authors particularly highlight the seminal contributions of Dr

2014 | Book

Application of Time-Synchronized Measurements in Power System Transmission Networks

This book illuminates how synchrophasors achieve the monitoring, protection and control optimizations necessary to expand existing power systems to support increasing amounts of renewable and distributed energy resources. The authors describe synchro

2014 | Book

Real-Time Stability in Power Systems

Techniques for Early Detection of the Risk of Blackout

This pioneering volume has been updated and enriched to reflect the state-of-the-art in blackout prediction and prevention. It documents and explains background and algorithmic aspects of the most successful steady-state, transient and voltage stabil

2014 | Book

Robust Power System Frequency Control

This updated edition of the industry standard reference on power system frequency control provides practical, systematic and flexible algorithms for regulating load frequency, offering new solutions to the technical challenges introduced by the escal

2013 | Book

Engineering IT-Enabled Sustainable Electricity Services

The Tale of Two Low-Cost Green Azores Islands

Sustainable energy services to customers - a balanced choice and coordination of energy generated by traditional and alternative sources - are the subject of this new innovative book. The myriad factors involved in modeling an effective sustainable p

2013 | Book

Grid Integration and Dynamic Impact of Wind Energy

Grid Integration and Dynamic Impact of Wind Energy details the integration of wind energy resources to the electric grid worldwide. Authors Vijay Vittal and Raja Ayyanar include detailed coverage of the power converters and control used in

2013 | Book

Electric Vehicle Integration into Modern Power Networks

Electric Vehicle Integration into Modern Power Networks provides coverage of the challenges and opportunities posed by the progressive integration of electric drive vehicles. Starting with a thorough overview of the current electric vehicle

2013 | Book

Electrical Machines

Electrical Machines primarily covers the basic functionality and the role of electrical machines in their typical applications. The effort of applying coordinate transforms is justified by obtaining a more intuitive, concise and easy-to-use

2013 | Book

Power System Coherency and Model Reduction

"Power System Coherency and Model Reduction" provides a comprehensive treatment for understanding interarea modes in large power systems and obtaining reduced-order models using the coherency concept and selective modal analysis method. Both linea