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2018 | Book

Power Stations Using Locally Available Energy Sources

A Volume in the Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology Series, Second Edition


About this book

This volume covers the utilization of geothermal and related energy resources that exploit variations in temperature, chemistry, etc. and require different plant designs and technologies for each location. Extending beyond power plants using geothermal and ocean energy, coverage includes hot dry rock systems, geothermal conditioning, solar ponds, osmotic power, dry air, and potential future deep sea hydrothermal sources. Some technologies have reached the prototype stage, some not even that, but where much work has been invested, it is important to provide a complete picture if only to prevent others from following a dead-end path. For geothermal power plants, the greatest challenge remains the geothermal resource itself. Power conversion is the least uncertain part of a geothermal project, as it consists of a straightforward engineering design with work executed by experienced manufacturers, engineering firms, and contractors. The issues associated with integrating large amounts of ocean energy into the overall supply are also explored.

Collecting more than 20 new articles and updated entries, all peer reviewed, this volume in the Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology, Second Edition, provides an authoritative introduction from exploration techniques to conversion systems for a wide range of locally available energy sources. This comprehensive reference is suitable for those just entering these fields, but also offers new insights for advanced researchers, industry experts, and decision makers.

Table of Contents

Geothermal Power Stations, Introduction
Lucien Y. Bronicki
Geothermal Energy Utilization
John W. Lund
Geology and Hydrology of Geothermal Energy
William E. Glassley
Geothermal Energy, Nature, Use, and Expectations
Maciej Lukawski, Jefferson W. Tester, Betina Bendall, Barry Goldstein, Gerardo Hiriart, Luis Gutierrez-Negrin, Ruggero Bertani, Christopher Bromley, Ernst Huenges, Arni Ragnarsson, Mike Mongillo, John W. Lund, Ladislaus Rybach, Vladimir Zui, Hirofumi Muraoka
Sustainability and Renewability of Geothermal Power Capacity
Subir K. Sanyal
Geochemistry of Hydrothermal Systems
David Nieva, Rosa María Barragán, Víctor Arellano
Drilling for Geothermal Resources
John T. Finger
Geothermal Field and Reservoir Monitoring
Trevor M. Hunt
Geothermal Resources: Environmental Aspects
Trevor M. Hunt
Geothermal Power Conversion Technology
Lucien Y. Bronicki
Geothermal Power Economics
Subir K. Sanyal
Development and Sustainability of Engineered Geothermal Systems
R. Baria, L. Mortimer, G. Beardsmore
Direct Heat Utilization of Geothermal Resources Worldwide
John W. Lund
Reservoir Engineering in Geothermal Fields
Enrique Lima, Hiroyuki Tokita, Hideki Hatanaka
Solar Pond Power Systems
Lucien Y. Bronicki
Power Generation from Low-Grade Heat Streams
Lucien Y. Bronicki
Ocean Energy, Introduction
Luis Vega
Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy Environmental Challenges
Andrea E. Copping
Offshore Wind Energy Technology Trends, Challenges, and Risks
James F. Manwell
Tidal Energy
Ian G. Bryden
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
Luis Vega
Osmotic Power Generation
Tzahi Y. Cath
Power Generation from Dry Air
Lucien Y. Bronicki
Power Stations Using Locally Available Energy Sources
Lucien Y. Bronicki
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