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Power Systems

Power Systems
128 Volumes | 2003 - 2021


Electrical power has been the technological foundation of industrial societies for many years. Although the systems designed to provide and apply electrical energy have reached a high degree of maturity, unforeseen problems are constantly encountered, necessitating the design of more efficient and reliable systems based on novel technologies. The book series Power Systems is aimed at providing detailed, accurate and sound technical information about these new developments in electrical power engineering. It includes topics on power generation, storage and transmission as well as electrical machines. The monographs and advanced textbooks in this series address researchers, lecturers, industrial engineers and senior students in electrical engineering.
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All books of the series Power Systems

2021 | Book

More-Electronics Power Systems: Power Quality and Stability

This book aims to investigate emerging power quality and stability problems as well as their solutions in more-electronics power systems. The majority of methods presented here are validated through simulation and/or experimental results, thereby …

2021 | Book

Design and Implementation of Voltage Source Converters in HVDC Systems

This book looks at the control of voltage source converter based high voltage direct current (VSC-HVDC). The objective is to understand the control structure of the VSC-HVDC system and establish the tuning criteria for the proportional-integral …

2021 | Book

Wide Area Power Systems Stability, Protection, and Security

This book proposes new control and protection schemes to improve the overall stability and security of future wide-area power systems. It focuses on the high penetration levels of renewable energy sources and distributed generation, particularly …

2021 | Book

Modelling and Simulation of Power Electronic Converter Dominated Power Systems in PowerFactory

This book provides an overview of power electronic converters for numerical simulations based on DIgSILENT PowerFactory. It covers the working principles, key assumptions and implementation of models of different types of these power systems.

The …

2021 | Book

Advanced Power Applications for System Reliability Monitoring

This book examines real-time models and advanced online applications that enhance reliability and resilience of the grid in real-time and near real-time environments. It is written by Peak Reliability engineers who worked on the creation of the …

2021 | Book

Solar Energy

Technologies, Design, Modeling, and Economics

This book opens with a brief introduction to renewable energy and the advantages of solar energy systems, an overview of concentrated solar power (CSP) system technologies and modeling, and the application of artificial neural network (ANN) …

2021 | Book

Virtual Inertia Synthesis and Control

This book provides a thorough understanding of the basic principles, synthesis, analysis, and control of virtual inertia systems. It uses the latest technical tools to mitigate power system stability and control problems under the presence of high …

2021 | Book

Vacuum Circuit Breaker for Aviation Variable Frequency Power System

Theory and Application of Arc in Electrical Apparatus

This book introduces the concepts of more electric aircraft and aviation electrical appliances, as well as the aviation experimental platform of vacuum switches, the interruption characteristics, frequency characteristics and post-arc breakdown …

2021 | Book

Phasors for Measurement and Control

This book is focused on the development of Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) as a tool to analyse and control power systems. The book develops a nonlinear system-wide approach to control using PMU signals and provides numerous examples of different …

2021 | Book

Grid Modernization ─ Future Energy Network Infrastructure

Overview, Uncertainties, Modelling, Optimization, and Analysis

This book presents theoretical, technical, and practical information on the modernization of future energy networks. All the basic requirements covering concepts, modeling, optimizing, and analyzing of future energy grids with various energy …

2021 | Book

Hierarchical Gas-Gas Systems

Thermal and Economic Effectiveness

This book presents a thermodynamic and economic analysis of gas-gas systems in power plants, including combined heat and power systems, combined cooling, heat and power systems, hydrogen production facilities and compressed energy storage system.

2021 | Book


Advances in Operation, Control, and Protection

This book provides a comprehensive overview on the latest developments in the control, operation, and protection of microgrids. It provides readers with a solid approach to analyzing and understanding the salient features of modern control and …

2021 | Book

Numerical Methods for Energy Applications

This book provides a thorough guide to the use of numerical methods in energy systems and applications. It presents methods for analysing engineering applications for energy systems, discussing finite difference, finite element, and other advanced …

2021 | Book

Planning and Operation of Multi-Carrier Energy Networks

This book discusses the optimal design and operation of multi-carrier energy systems, providing a comprehensive review of existing systems as well as proposing new models. Chapters cover the theoretical background and application examples of …

2021 | Book

Voltage Stability Analysis of Power System

This book describes comprehensively theories and methods of the power system voltage stability. It first introduces the basic theory of the power system and the basic concept and classification of the power system stability and discusses the basic …

2021 | Book

Applications of Fuzzy Logic in Planning and Operation of Smart Grids

Fuzzy logic has vast applications in power and electrical engineering. This collection is the first book to cover research advancements in the application of fuzzy logic in the planning and operation of smart grids. A global group of researchers …

2021 | Book

Design, Control, and Operation of Microgrids in Smart Grids

This book offers a wide-ranging overview of advancements, techniques, and challenges related to the design, control, and operation of microgrids and their role in smart grid infrastructure. It brings together an authoritative group of specialists …

2021 | Book

Operation of Smart Homes

This book presents the latest research advancements in the operation of smart homes. It comprises new operation techniques including cooperative distributed energy scheduling, framework to react to malicious cyberattacks, framework for demand-side …

2020 | Book

Microgrid Architectures, Control and Protection Methods

This book presents intuitive explanations of the principles of microgrids, including their structure and operation and their applications. It also discusses the latest research on microgrid control and protection technologies and the essentials of …

2020 | Book

Wireless Power Transfer for Electric Vehicles: Foundations and Design Approach

This book describes the fundamentals and applications of wireless power transfer (WPT) in electric vehicles (EVs). Wireless power transfer (WPT) is a technology that allows devices to be powered without having to be connected to the electrical …