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Power Technology and Engineering

Issue 6/2020

Content (28 Articles)

The Effect of the Chirkey Reservoir on the Seismic Condition of Dagestan

A. N. Marchuk, R. A. Levkovich, Kh. D. Magomedov, O. A. Asmanov, Z. A. Adilov, D. G. Taimazov

Ultrasonic Technique for Assessment of the Rim Tightness of Hydro Generator Rotor

A. L. Rudenko, V. V. Mishakin, A. V. Gonchar, K. V. Kurashkin, A. E. Fomin


Investigating the Causes of the Emergency Shutdown of the Gas Turbine Unit

B. F. Teplov, D. V. Taradai, A. V. Timin

Experiments on a Low-Emission Two-Stage Model Combustor for a Medium-Power Gas Turbine

L. A. Bulysova, V. D. Vasil’ev, M. N. Gutnik, K. S. Pugach, M. M. Gutnik, A. L. Berne

Monitoring the Thermal Stress State in Steam Turbines

Yu. A. Radin, T. S. Kontorovich, P. V. Golov

Specific Application Features of Current-Limiting Devices Based on High-Temperature Superconductivity in High-Voltage Electric Networks

A. S. Brilinskii, G. A. Evdokunin, I. A. Kuz’min, N. N. Magdeev, M. E. Moizykh, M. A. Sel’kova

Individual and Collective Recognition Capability of the Measuring Elements of Relay Protection

I. D. Kochetov, Yu. Ya. Liamets, M. V. Martynov, A. N. Maslov


Correction to: Assessment of State of Backfill Material in Large-Diameter Shells Subjected to the Effect of Wind Waves

N. D. Belyaev, V. V. Lebedev, I. S. Nudner, K. K. Semenov, D. I. Shchemelinin

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