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The Powertrain of Tomorrow 2017 goes video

More stringent legislation on CO2 emissions and new, tougher test cycles involving real-life driving situations are leading to a paradigm shift within the industry. Advances are being made in the field of electrification and powertrains are increasingly being designed as integrated systems consisting of combustion engines, gearboxes and electric motors. As a result of these changes, we have cautiously taken the well-established MTZ conference ‘The Powertrain of Tomorrow’, which has been held for more than 10 years, in a noticeably new direction and gave it an even more international focus.

The main theme will be the synthesis of powertrains, with an emphasis on components and integration in vehicles, because the interdependencies are increasingly complex. Digitization is becoming more widespread, a range of different markets are opening up and we are facing many challenges that also represent interesting new opportunities. This is clearly reflected in the lectures that you can attend at the congress. A system-based approach, intelligent management and new development methods will be the key features.

ATZ knowledge transfer – we make German automotive expertise available throughout the world – now new via video.

These are the benefits for your company:

  1. Editorial expertise: Our specialist editorial teams evaluate and group together themes that are particularly relevant to your business.
  2. Flexible training: Your employees can access our videos for training and qualification purposes at any time, regardless of where they are located.
  3. Travel cost savings: Your employees do not have to travel in order to benefit from technical presentations, for example at conferences.
  4. Exclusive service: Our product is unique. We are the only organisation to offer this type of virtual participation in themed packages that have been put together by our editors.
  5. By choosing several themed packages, you can save money. 

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