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5 Volumes | 2007 - 2016


For decades, the series “The internal combustion engine” (originally published in German language under the title “Die Verbrennungskraftmaschine”) edited by Hans List and Hans Pischinger was an indispensable reference work for engineers in practice and students at universities. With regard to the fast pace of technology, a new series was created in 2002 and published under the title “Powertrain” (for German language titles under the title “Der Fahrzeugantrieb”). These titles focus on the role of today's internal combustion engines as components of propulsion systems.

All books of the series Powertrain

2016 | Book

Vehicular Engine Design

This book provides an introduction to the design and mechanical development of reciprocating piston engines for vehicular applications. Beginning from the determination of required displacement and performance, coverage moves into engine configuration and architecture.

2016 | Book

Natural Gas and Renewable Methane for Powertrains

Future Strategies for a Climate-Neutral Mobility

This book focuses on natural gas and synthetic methane as contemporary and future energy sources. Following a historical overview, physical and chemical properties, occurrence, extraction, transportation and storage of natural gas are discussed. Sust

2016 | Book

Powertrain Instrumentation and Test Systems

Development – Hybridization – Electrification

The book deals with the increasingly complex test systems for powertrain components and systems giving an overview of the diverse types of test beds for all components of an advanced powertrain focusing on specific topics such as instrumentation, control, simulation, hardware-in-the-loop, automation or test facility management.

2015 | Book

The Automotive Transmission Book

This book presents essential information on systems and interactions in automotive transmission technology and outlines the methodologies used to analyze and develop transmission concepts and designs. Functions of and interactions between components and subassemblies of transmissions are introduced.

2007 | Book

Charging the Internal Combustion Engine

Supercharging the reciprocating piston internal combustion engine is as old as the engine itself. Early on, it was used to improve the high-altitude performance of aircraft engines and later to increase the short-term peak performance in sporty or ve