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19-10-2020 | Kommunikation | Im Fokus | Article

Werbemarkt-Tief mischt die Karten neu

Die Werbewirtschaft verliert nicht zuletzt durch die Auswirkungen der Corona-Krise konstant an Bedeutung. Gleichzeitig wird die Werbung nicht weniger, sondern effizienter. Die wichtigsten Entwicklungen und Trends beleuchten zwei Studien. 

14-10-2020 | Social Media Marketing | Im Fokus | Article

Worauf es im Influencer Marketing jetzt ankommt

Die Corona-Krise macht dem Influencer Marketing bislang kaum zu schaffen, setzt aber neue Impulse für die Kommunikation. Trends wie Multi-Plattform-Kampagnen bringen ebenfalls frischen Wind in die Branche.

12-08-2020 | Controlling | Infografik | Article

Finanzabteilungen gehen die qualifizierten Bewerber aus

Über Fachkräftemangel klagen das Handwerk und das Gesundheitswesen nicht erst seit dem Ausbruch der Corona-Krise. Nun fehlt auch im Controlling und Rechnungswesen zunehmend qualifiziertes Personal, zeigt eine Studie.

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01-12-2021 | Research | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Development of a regional voice dataset and speaker classification based on machine learning

At present, voice biometrics are commonly used for identification and authentication of users through their voice. Voice based services such as mobile banking, access to personal devices, and logging into social networks are the common examples of …

01-12-2021 | Research | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Enterprise adoption of cloud computing with application portfolio profiling and application portfolio assessment

With the continued appeal and adoption of cloud computing, an assessment of cloud run costs and migration affordability prior to adoption would assist enterprises that have several legacy applications targeted for cloud migration. However, as …

01-12-2021 | Research | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Towards Dynamic lockdown strategies controlling pandemic spread under healthcare resource budget

COVID-19 is one of the deadliest pandemics in modern human history that has killed nearly a million people and rapidly inundated the healthcare resources around the world. Current lockdown measures to curb infection spread are threatening to bring …

01-12-2021 | Research | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Non-submodular model for group profit maximization problem in social networks

In social networks, there exist many kinds of groups in which people may have the same interests, hobbies, or political orientation. Sometimes, group decisions are made by simply majority, which means that most of the users in this group reach an …

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2021 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Compensation Schemes for Damages Caused by Healthcare in Brazil

Analysis of medical liability requires a good measure of care. Contemporary Brazilian law on civil liability has evolved beyond the traditional psychological concept of fault, and demands, instead, compliance with standards of conduct and standard …

2021 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Research on Online Monitoring Technology of 3D Printing Faults in Fused Deposition Molding

During the procedure of 3D printing in Fused Deposition Molding (FDM), building faults, such as Congealed-Material (CM), empty printing, substrate deformation, warped edges and fused wire drawing, often occur. However, most FDM machines lack …

2021 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Research on Fault Analysis and Prediction Algorithm Based on Delta 3D Printer

The authors carried out the 3D printing experiment, summarized the factors that impact the printing quality by comprehensively reviewing the whole printing process, and determined relevant detectable parameters to describe and diagnose various …

2021 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Conclusion and the Way Forward

This chapter looks to provide a synopsis of what the book covered and provides recommendations that NATO might consider for its future.

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In eigener Sache

  • 10-05-2021 | Finance + Banking | In eigener Sache | Article


    Automatisiertes Onboarding im Fokus „Onboarding und KYC-Management leicht gemacht“ präsentiert Box in Kooperation mit dem Bankmagazin am 17. Juni 2021 ab 10:00 Uhr in einem Webinar.



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