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22-07-2019 | Production + Production Technology | News | Article

From the Initial Idea to the Customised Bonding Solution

Dr. Hubert Pelc

By using the so-called Smart-Bonding-Approach, Lohmann Austria has developed a fully scalable production process for an innovative Austrian startup.

There are hardly any everyday objects that do not use adhesive bonding or reactive adhesive systems. They are used in electronic components, windows, doors, dishwashers and washing machines, furniture, cars, packaging, or even as multi-functional plasters. Life without them would be unimaginable. Earlier this year, SteadySense, a startup situated in Graz, launched its product femSense: The first near-field communication (NFC) ready sensor patch which informs women about their fertile days. The Austrian site's team of the Lohmann Group not only tailored the innovative product for the customer but developed a scalable manufacturing process for the first time. "When developing femSense, the first task was selecting the right adhesives and materials for a patch application which is skin-friendly as well as appealing to touch," explains Dr. Michael Schwarzott, Head of Application Engineering at Lohmann Austria. The patch consists of a range of certified adhesive tapes which are both biocompatible and suitable for a prolonged period of time sticking to the skin.

The Smart-Bonding-Approach

With the Smart-Bonding-Approach, Lohmann is developing individual bonding solutions. From the right bonding technique (application), to selecting the appropriate product, implementing efficient processes (tools) and finally to sustainably optimising the product (services). In four process steps, the Lohmann experts developed a scalable manufacturing process for femSense in nine months. This way, small, medium and large quantities can be produced without having to adjust the entire product construction. This keeps the customer's investment costs down. "We paid attention to a flexible design of all components right from the beginning, to make sure a scale-up from manual to semi-automatic and full-automatic manufacture is possible," explains Markus Koch, Managing Director Lohmann Austria.

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