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Production Engineering 1/2023
Production Engineering

Issue 1/2023


Table of Contents (12 Articles)

Open Access 26-07-2022 | Production Management

Automated geometric analysis of metallic components through picture recognition models for manufacturing technology assessments
Tobias Buechler, Martin Schulz, Michael F. Zaeh

Open Access 06-08-2022 | Quality Assurance

Towards a systematical approach for wear detection in sheet metal forming using machine learning
Christian Kubik, Marco Becker, Dirk-Alexander Molitor, Peter Groche

Open Access 22-06-2022 | Production Process

Investigation of the friction behavior between dry/infiltrated glass fiber fabric and metal sheet during deep drawing of fiber metal laminates
Moritz Kruse, Henrik O. Werner, Hui Chen, Thomas Mennecart, Wilfried V. Liebig, Kay A. Weidenmann, Noomane Ben Khalifa

Open Access 01-07-2022 | Machine Tool

Modeling of laser processing as a distortion compensation strategy for profile grinding
Christian Schieber, Matthias Hettig, Valentin Müller, Michael F. Zaeh, Carsten Heinzel

Open Access 02-07-2022 | Production Process

Influence of XHV-adequate atmosphere on surface integrity
V. Prasanthan, B. Denkena, B. Bergmann

Open Access 05-08-2022 | Production Process

Joining of multi-material structures using a versatile self-piercing riveting process
Fabian Kappe, Simon Wituschek, Mathias Bobbert, Michael Lechner, Gerson Meschut

23-08-2022 | Production Process

Influence of weld repair on the residual stresses induced in austenitic stainless steel weld joints
Sayantan Das Banik, Suranjit Kumar, Pawan Kumar Singh, Sujay Bhattacharya

Open Access 01-07-2022 | Production Management

The concept of a maximal network plan to enhance automated decision making in production steering
Roland Larek, Jan Cetric Wagner, Heiko Grendel, Andreas Nüchter

Open Access 27-07-2022 | Production Management

Solving flexible job shop scheduling problems in manufacturing with Quantum Annealing
Philipp Schworm, Xiangqian Wu, Moritz Glatt, Jan C. Aurich

Open Access 30-07-2022 | Production Management

Product allocation and network configuration in global production networks
An integrated optimization approach
Felix Klenk, Felix Kerndl, Felix Heidinger, Martin Benfer, Sina Peukert, Gisela Lanza

Open Access 08-08-2022 | Production Management

Hybrid Monte Carlo tree search based multi-objective scheduling
Constantin Hofmann, Xinhong Liu, Marvin May, Gisela Lanza

Open Access 13-08-2022 | Production Management

Practice-oriented methodology for increasing production ramp-up efficiency in global production networks of SME
B. Verhaelen, M. Martin, S. Peukert, G. Lanza

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