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Production Engineering

Production Engineering 2/2019

Issue 2/2019

Residual Stresses in Production Technology

Table of Contents ( 14 Articles )

23-01-2019 | Production Process | Issue 2/2019

Introduction to residual stresses in production technology

Wolfram Volk, Simon Vogt, Jens Stahl, Stefanie Prauser

25-01-2019 | Computer Aided Engineering | Issue 2/2019

Evolution of residual stress distortion of a machined product for AA7085

Hyunsung Choi, Jeong Whan Yoon, Yong Nam Kwon, Daeyong Seong

01-12-2018 | Production Process | Issue 2/2019

Method for highly spatially resolved determination of residual stress by using nanoindentation

Simon Vogt, Thomas Greß, Franz Ferdinand Neumayer, Norbert Schwarzer, Adrian Harris, Wolfram Volk

05-12-2018 | Production Process | Issue 2/2019

Engineering the residual stress state of the metastable austenitic stainless steel (MASS) disc springs by incremental sheet forming (ISF)

Fawad Maqbool, Ramin Hajavifard, Frank Walther, Markus Bambach

11-12-2018 | Production Process | Issue 2/2019

Forming mechanisms-related residual stress development in single point incremental forming

F. Maaß, M. Hahn, A. E. Tekkaya, M. Dobecki, A. Poeche, K. Brömmelhoff, W. Reimers

02-01-2019 | Production Process | Issue 2/2019

Observations on the stability of the residual stresses after cold forming and unidirectional loading

A. Franceschi, M. Kaffenberger, B. Schork, H. Hoche, M. Oechsner, P. Groche

19-03-2019 | Production Process | Issue 2/2019

Investigations on residual stress generation in full-forward-extrusion

Philipp Landkammer, Andreas Jobst, Christoph Kiener, Paul Steinmann, Marion Merklein

10-12-2018 | Production Process | Issue 2/2019

Residual stresses in parts manufactured by near-net-shape-blanking

Jens Stahl, Daniel Müller, Thomas Tobie, Roland Golle, Wolfram Volk, Karsten Stahl

27-11-2018 | Computer Aided Engineering | Issue 2/2019

Fatigue analysis of rolled components considering transient cyclic material behaviour and residual stresses

David Kühne, Christina Guilleaume, Martha Seiler, Peter Hantschke, Franz Ellmer, Thomas Linse, Alexander Brosius, Markus Kästner

10-01-2019 | Production Process | Issue 2/2019

Production of bistable fully closed metallic shells by introducing residual stresses during bending processes

Pavlo Pavliuchenko, Marco Teller, Markus Grüber, Thomas Bremen, Gerhard Hirt

12-12-2018 | Production Process | Issue 2/2019

Extent of embossing-related residual stress on the magnetic properties evaluated using neutron grating interferometry and single sheet test

Simon Vogt, Tobias Neuwirth, Benedikt Schauerte, Hannes Alois Weiss, Peter Markus Falger, Alex Gustschin, Michael Schulz, Kay Hameyer, Wolfram Volk

18-01-2019 | Computer Aided Engineering | Issue 2/2019

Residual stresses and springback reduction in U-channel drawing of Al5182-O by using a servo press and a servo hydraulic cushion

A. Fallahiarezoodar, T. Gupta, C. Goertemiller, T. Altan

24-01-2019 | Computer Aided Engineering | Issue 2/2019

Phase-specific residual stresses induced by deep drawing of lean duplex steel: measurement vs. simulation

Nicola Simon, Hannes Erdle, Stefan Walzer, Jens Gibmeier, Thomas Böhlke, Mathias Liewald

28-03-2019 | Production Process | Issue 2/2019

Functional analyses to assess the effect of the curing process on the properties of light activated composites

A. Gloria, M. Martorelli, S. Gerbino, F. Tagliaferri, V. Kräusel, A. Lanzotti

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