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Production Engineering 2-3/2022
Production Engineering

Issue 2-3/2022

Mechanical joining in versatile process chains


Table of Contents (22 Articles)

Open Access 01-04-2022 | Production Process

Mechanical joining in versatile process chains
Gerson Meschut, Marion Merkein, Alexander Brosius, Mathias Bobbert

Open Access 23-01-2022 | Production Process

Influence of solidification rates and heat treatment on the mechanical performance and joinability of the cast aluminium alloy AlSi10Mg
M. Neuser, O. Grydin, Y. Frolov, M. Schaper

Open Access 07-12-2021 | Assembly

Computed tomography investigation of the material structure in clinch joints in aluminium fibre-reinforced thermoplastic sheets
Benjamin Gröger, Daniel Köhler, Julian Vorderbrüggen, Juliane Troschitz, Robert Kupfer, Gerson Meschut, Maik Gude

Open Access 04-02-2022 | Assembly

Design of clinched joints on the basis of binding mechanisms
Jan Kalich, Uwe Füssel

Open Access 02-03-2022 | Production Process

Clinching of inductively heated aluminum die casting
Sinan Yarcu, Bernd-Arno Behrens, Sven Huebner, Torsten Schuchardt, Klaus Dilger, Thomas Paul Meichsner

Open Access 10-01-2022 | Production Process

Analysis of the interactions between joint and component properties during clinching
Christian Steinfelder, Johann Acksteiner, Christina Guilleaume, Alexander Brosius

17-01-2022 | Production Process

The role of thermal contribution in the design of AA2024 friction stir welded butt and lap joints: mechanical properties and energy demand
Davide Campanella, Giulia Marcon, Alberto Lombardo, Gianluca Buffa, Livan Fratini

Open Access 21-02-2022 | Computer Aided Engineering

Numerical investigation of the clinched joint loadings considering the initial pre-strain in the joining area
Sven Martin, Christian R. Bielak, Mathias Bobbert, Thomas Tröster, Gerson Meschut

Open Access 07-01-2022 | Production Process

Numerical and experimental investigation of flat-clinch joint strength
Sandra Friedrich, Thoralf Gerstmann, Carolin Binotsch, Birgit Awiszus

Open Access 05-03-2022 | Production Process

Algorithm-based design of mechanical joining processes
Mathias Jäckel, Tobias Falk, Welf-Guntram Drossel

Open Access 23-12-2021 | Production Process

Holistic investigation chain for the experimental determination of fracture mechanical material parameters with special specimens
Deborah Weiß, Britta Schramm, Gunter Kullmer

Open Access 19-03-2022 | Computer Aided Engineering

Numerical and experimental identification of fatigue crack initiation sites in clinched joints
L. Ewenz, Ch. R. Bielak, M. Otroshi, M. Bobbert, G. Meschut, M. Zimmermann

Open Access 22-12-2021 | Production Process

Application of reinforcement learning for the optimization of clinch joint characteristics
Christoph Zirngibl, Fabian Dworschak, Benjamin Schleich, Sandro Wartzack

Open Access 24-02-2022 | Production Process

Provision of cross-domain knowledge in mechanical joining using ontologies
Christoph Zirngibl, Patricia Kügler, Julian Popp, Christian R. Bielak, Mathias Bobbert, Dietmar Drummer, Gerson Meschut, Sandro Wartzack, Benjamin Schleich

Open Access 23-12-2021 | Production Process

Joining of CFRT-steel hybrid parts via hole-forming and subsequent pin caulking
David Römisch, Julian Popp, Dietmar Drummer, Marion Merklein

Open Access 31-12-2021 | Machine Tool

Investigation of the influence of varying tumbling strategies on a tumbling self-piercing riveting process
S. Wituschek, F. Kappe, M. Lechner

Open Access 03-02-2022 | Production Process

Determining the properties of multi-range semi-tubular self-piercing riveted joints
Fabian Kappe, Simon Wituschek, Mathias Bobbert, Gerson Meschut

Open Access 23-12-2021 | Production Process

A contribution on versatile process chains: joining with adaptive joining elements, formed by friction spinning
Christian Wischer, Werner Homberg

Open Access 08-10-2021 | Production Process

Shoulderless Friction Stir Welding: a low-force solid state keyhole joining technique for deep welding of labile structures
Max Hossfeld

10-11-2021 | Production Process

Double-sided self-pierce riveting with flat-bottom holes: a feasibility study
Luis M. Alves, Rafael M. Afonso, Patric T. Pereira, Paulo A. F. Martins

Open Access 12-01-2022 | Quality Assurance

Application of an edge detection algorithm for surface determination in industrial X-ray computed tomography
Matthias Busch, Tino Hausotte

Open Access 29-01-2022 | Production Process

Sensor-integrated structures in mechanical engineering: challenges and opportunities for mechanical joining processes
Nassr Al-Baradoni, Peter Groche

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