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Production Engineering

Production Engineering 3/2020

Issue 3/2020

Table of Contents ( 12 Articles )

08-02-2020 | Production Management | Issue 3/2020 Open Access

Process model for the successful implementation and demonstration of SME-based industry 4.0 showcases in global production networks

S. Peukert, S. Treber, S. Balz, B. Haefner, G. Lanza

02-03-2020 | Production Management | Issue 3/2020

Quantifying disturbance risks on the process time for a robust, synchronized individual production

Timo Heutmann, Alexander W. Tils, Robert H. Schmitt

03-04-2020 | Production Management | Issue 3/2020 Open Access

Methodology for the identification of alternative manufacturing changes for safety–critical components

Thomas Bergs, Lennard Hermann, Jan Rey, Sebastian Barth

05-04-2020 | Production Management | Issue 3/2020 Open Access

Optimization of delivery adherence based on capacity planning and bid pricing

B. Denkena, M.-A. Dittrich, S. Wilmsmeier, S. Stamm

07-06-2020 | Production Management | Issue 3/2020 Open Access

Reinforcement learning for an intelligent and autonomous production control of complex job-shops under time constraints

Thomas Altenmüller, Tillmann Stüker, Bernd Waschneck, Andreas Kuhnle, Gisela Lanza

18-03-2020 | Production Process | Issue 3/2020

Hardware in the loop simulation for product driven control of a cyber-physical manufacturing system

B. Mihoubi, B. Bouzouia, K. Tebani, M. Gaham

30-04-2020 | Production Process | Issue 3/2020 Open Access

Analytic roughness prediction by deep rolling

B. Denkena, A. Abrão, A. Krödel, K. Meyer

29-05-2020 | Production Process | Issue 3/2020 Open Access

A comparative analysis of ceramic and cemented carbide end mills

Klaus Dröder, Bernhard Karpuschewski, Eckart Uhlmann, Peter A. Arrabiyeh, Daniel Berger, Sarah Busemann, Jörg Hartig, Nadine Madanchi, Georg Mahlfeld, Christian Sommerfeld

03-06-2020 | Production Process | Issue 3/2020 Open Access

Data acquisition and control at the edge: a hardware/software-reconfigurable approach

F. Streit, S. Wituschek, M. Pschyklenk, A. Becher, M. Lechner, S. Wildermann, I. Pitz, M. Merklein, J. Teich

05-06-2020 | Production Process | Issue 3/2020

Prediction and optimization of machining results and parameters in drilling by using Bayesian networks

X. Wang, R. Eisseler, H.-C. Moehring

19-03-2020 | Quality Assurance | Issue 3/2020 Open Access

Statistical approaches for semi-supervised anomaly detection in machining

B. Denkena, M.-A. Dittrich, H. Noske, M. Witt

23-04-2020 | Tooling | Issue 3/2020 Open Access

Process stability of a novel roughing-finishing end mill

B. Denkena, R. Grabowski, A. Krödel, L. Ellersiek

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