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Production Engineering

Production Engineering 4/2020

Issue 4/2020

Table of Contents ( 12 Articles )

18-06-2020 | Assembly | Issue 4/2020 Open Access

Reinforcement learning for robotic assembly of fuel cell turbocharger parts with tight tolerances

Franziska Aschersleben, Rudolf Griemert, Felix Gabriel, Klaus Dröder

02-08-2020 | Assembly | Issue 4/2020 Open Access

Improvement of a rivet geometry for the self-piercing riveting of high-strength steel and multi-material joints

Benedikt Uhe, Clara-Maria Kuball, Marion Merklein, Gerson Meschut

14-08-2020 | Machine Tool | Issue 4/2020 Open Access

Hybrid compliance compensation for path accuracy enhancement in robot machining

Felix Hähn, Matthias Weigold

28-08-2020 | Machine Tool | Issue 4/2020 Open Access

Probabilistic information fusion to model the pose-dependent dynamics of milling robots

Maximilian Busch, Florian Schnoes, Thomas Semm, Michael F. Zaeh, Birgit Obst, Dirk Hartmann

07-09-2020 | Production Management | Issue 4/2020 Open Access

Modular change impact analysis in factory systems

Guideline for individual configuration
Harald Bauer, Paul Haase, Fabian Sippl, Robert Ramakrishnan, Johannes Schilp, Gunther Reinhart

17-06-2020 | Production Process | Issue 4/2020

Multiple regression analysis for the prediction of extraction efficiency in mining industry with industrial IoT

C. Maheswari, E. B. Priyanka, S. Thangavel, S. V. Ram Vignesh, C. Poongodi

30-06-2020 | Production Process | Issue 4/2020 Open Access

Design, evaluation, and implementation of a model-predictive control approach for a force control in friction stir welding processes

Validation of different force-control approaches for friction press joining of aluminum with thermoplastics
Stefan P. Meyer, Christian J. Bernauer, Sophie Grabmann, Michael F. Zaeh

06-07-2020 | Production Process | Issue 4/2020 Open Access

Experimental investigation of specific cutting forces and estimation of the heat partitioning under increasing tool wear in machining nickel-based super alloy IN 718

Thorsten Augspurger, Daniel Schraknepper, Thomas Bergs

16-07-2020 | Production Process | Issue 4/2020 Open Access

Investigation of using RFID for cure monitoring of glass fiber-reinforced plastics

Marius Veigt, Elisabeth Hardi, Michael Koerdt, Axel S. Herrmann, Michael Freitag

28-07-2020 | Production Process | Issue 4/2020

Experimental and numerical investigation of fiber metal laminate forming behavior using a variable blank holder force

Hamza Blala, Lihui Lang, Shahrukh Khan, Sergei Alexandrov

17-08-2020 | Production Process | Issue 4/2020 Open Access

The influence of the ratio between the wire and process velocities on the wetting process during laser brazing

Thorsten Mattulat, Peer Woizeschke

02-09-2020 | Production Process | Issue 4/2020 Open Access

Measuring the bore straightness during reaming with sensoric tools

Andreas Bretz, Eberhard Abele, Matthias Weigold

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