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Open Access 06-02-2023 | Production Management

Development of a simulative approach in order to estimate the impact of smart services on a production system

Linking the influence of smart services to economic potential in production

The increasing digitalisation and development of the fourth industrial revolution have created new opportunities in the B2B manufacturing industry. These opportunities come in the form of smart services, which are made possible by the …

Open Access 04-02-2023 | Production Management

Concept for modeling and quantitative evaluation of life cycle dynamics in factory systems

Against the background of the climate crisis, fast innovation space in emerging technologies and the global competitive environment for manufacturing companies, a sound understanding of the life cycle behavior of factory systems becomes more and …

Open Access 02-02-2023 | Processes

Study on learning efficient stroke representations in clocked sheet metal processing: theoretical and practical evaluation

Clocked manufacturing processes such as sheet metal forming and cutting processes pose a challenge for process monitoring approaches due to inaccessibility of tool components and high production rates which make direct measurement of the physical …

Open Access 31-01-2023 | Quality

In-situ characterization of tool temperatures using in-tool integrated thermoresistive thin-film sensors

Metal cutting is characterized by high temperatures at the tool-workpiece interface. Although valuable information could be provided by the temperature values, their direct measurement still presents a challenge due to the high contact pressure …

Open Access 30-01-2023 | Assembly and Automation

An experimental focus on learning effect and interaction quality in human–robot collaboration

In the landscape of the emerging Industry 5.0, human–robot collaboration (HRC) represents a solution to increase the flexibility and reconfigurability of production processes. Unlike classical industrial automation, in HRC it is possible to have …

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