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23-09-2020 | Production Process

Effect of die pressure on the lubricating regimes achieved in wire drawing

An experimental campaign of wire drawing was carried out under different conditions of average die pressure. Experiments were carried out measuring the drawing force and the temperature at the exit of the deformation zone with the use of a …

15-09-2020 | Production Process Open Access

3D modeling and simulation of thermal effects during profile grinding

A new heat transfer model for profile grinding was developed to analyze distortions caused by residual tensile stresses in linear guide rails. The simulative analysis of the thermal effects caused by a non-uniform heat source on the surface using …

15-09-2020 | Tooling Open Access

Additive surface texturing of cutting tools using pulsed laser implantation with hard ceramic particles

In recent years surface texturing of the cutting tools has proved to improve tribological characteristics at tool/chip and tool/workpiece interface and help to reduce cutting and feed forces as well as tool wear. Most, if not all, of the studies …

11-09-2020 | Production Process

Fusion of physical principles and data-driven based models: an industry 4.0 perspective for improving the polishing process of stoneware tiles

Within the Industry 4.0 perspective, this paper investigates the fusion of two theoretical models with different nature, in order to offer a better simulation tool for the industrial sector of polished stoneware tiles. A model based on physical …

11-09-2020 | Production Process Open Access

Determining the machining allowance for WAAM parts

In order to decrease mass, and thus fulfil the targets for airplane traffic emission reduction, the amount of titanium alloys used for structural components is rising. With the conventional milling process, low material utilization and short tool …

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