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19-10-2021 | Computer Aided Engineering Open Access

An optical-flow-based monitoring method for measuring translational motion in infrared-thermographic images of AFP processes

This paper presents a novel method for a precise localization of the automated-fiber-placement head, without the need for a data access to the machine control. It is based on a sub-pixel accurate optical-flow-algorithm which determines information …

14-10-2021 | Machine Tool Open Access

Experimental derivation of a condition monitoring test cycle for machine tool feed drives

Due to their critical influence on manufacturing accuracy, machine tool feed drives and the monitoring of their condition has been a research field of increasing interest for several years already. Accurate and reliable estimates of the current …

11-10-2021 | Communication

Two decades of research trends and transformations in manufacturing sustainability: a systematic literature review and future research agenda

Sustainable manufacturing (SM) has become an emerging research topic in sustainability due to strict government policies, social awareness, and rapid information and technology changes. Industries are now adopting Industry 4.0 technologies to …

08-10-2021 | Production Process Open Access

Shoulderless Friction Stir Welding: a low-force solid state keyhole joining technique for deep welding of labile structures

This paper reports on the possibility of performing Friction Stir Welding (FSW) without the usual immanent shoulder to enable FS processing to deep welding of narrow and labile structures and applications where backing is not possible.

25-09-2021 | Production Process Open Access

Evaluation and optimisation of a slurry-based layer casting process in additive manufacturing using multiphase simulations and spatial reconstruction

Slurry-based 3D printing allows ceramic green bodies to be fabricated at high packing densities. In contrast to powder-based binder jetting, full densification of printed parts can be achieved in a subsequent sintering step as fine particles …

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Production Engineering - Research and Development reports peer reviewed results of latest research in industrial engineering, production engineering and industrial organization. The high level and focus on both the scientific as well as the practical impact of the selected papers will bridge the gap between research and successful industrial application. Researchers in production engineering as well as in operation management and supply chain organization will find recent valuable developments. The main topics span from novel production processes via computer aided engineering to process chain and factory management. Frequently published key note papers provide succinct reviews on the recent progress in particular research areas.

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