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01-09-2023 | News

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Published in: ATZextra worldwide | Special Issue 1/2023

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Bosch Rexroth has supplied Europe's first fully automated system for discharging and disassembling battery modules to the Battery Lifecycle Company in Magdeburg (Germany). The plant will improve the efficiency and safety of the recycling process. The battery modules will be reliably chemically deactivated to ensure that they are not live when further processing begins. The residual energy in the modules can be used to operate the system. The system recognizes different battery designs, which minimizes the risks of short circuits and fires, for example. Each workpiece holder can process up to 150 kg of battery material at a speed of 18 m/min. This means that it takes less than 15 min to automatically discharge eight lithium-ion batteries from electric cars. The conventional manual process normally takes for up to 24 h. After the plant begins operation, it will be able to recycle up to 15,000 t of battery materials each year.

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ATZextra worldwide / Issue Special Issue 1/2023
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