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Published in: ATZ worldwide 11/2021

01-11-2021 | News


Published in: ATZ worldwide | Issue 11/2021

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Hyundai and Motional, a company active in the field of automated driving, have unveiled the self-driving cab Ioniq 5 Robotaxi, which they say can be operated safely at SAE level 4 without a driver. The car has more than 30 sensors - camera, radar and lidar - that are designed to ensure reliable 360° detection of the environment, to provide high-resolution images and to detect objects at very long distances. This will enable trouble-free, fully automated operation in a variety of environments, the company says. To make the cab easily distinguishable from conventional vehicles with drivers, the sensor package was not concealed but positioned clearly visible across the exterior. Motional's driverless technology also includes machine learning systems that have been taught using data from several decades of real-world road traffic and should enable it to master even complex situations. The car features a number of interfaces that allow passengers to interact with the vehicle, for example, to prompt the robot cab to make an extra stop. Motional will begin transporting passengers with the robotaxi in 2023 as part of a partnership with the ride service company Lyft.
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Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden
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ATZ worldwide / Issue 11/2021
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