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Progress in Additive Manufacturing

Progress in Additive Manufacturing 2/2019

Issue 2/2019

Table of Contents ( 11 Articles )

10-05-2019 | Editorial | Issue 2/2019

Editorial PIAM April 2019

Christian Seidel

10-08-2018 | Full Research Article | Issue 2/2019

Tensile lap-shear and flexural behaviour of aluminium metal foil parts made by composite metal foil manufacturing

Javaid Butt, Habtom Mebrahtu, Hassan Shirvani

16-08-2018 | Full Research Article | Issue 2/2019

Topology optimization and additive manufacturing for aerospace components

Laura Berrocal, Rosario Fernández, Sergio González, Antonio Periñán, Santos Tudela, Jorge Vilanova, Luis Rubio, Jose Manuel Martín Márquez, Javier Guerrero, Fernando Lasagni

21-08-2018 | Full Research Article | Issue 2/2019

Microstructure evolution of Inconel 738 fabricated by pulsed laser powder bed fusion

Jose Alberto Muñiz-Lerma, Yuan Tian, Xianglong Wang, Raynald Gauvin, Mathieu Brochu

21-08-2018 | Full Research Article | Issue 2/2019

On the measurement of effective powder layer thickness in laser powder-bed fusion additive manufacturing of metals

Yahya Mahmoodkhani, Usman Ali, Shahriar Imani Shahabad, Adhitan Rani Kasinathan, Reza Esmaeilizadeh, Ali Keshavarzkermani, Ehsan Marzbanrad, Ehsan Toyserkani

22-10-2018 | Full Research Article | Issue 2/2019

Laser beam build-up welding of AlSi12-powder on AlSi1MgMn-alloy substrate

Wei Zhang, Anton Evdokimov, Leander Schleuß, Ralf Ossenbrink, Vesselin Michailov

19-10-2018 | Full Research Article | Issue 2/2019

Investigation of the interface between SLM processed nickel alloy on a cast iron substrate

Roshan Sebastian, Amit Kumar Singh, Manas Paliwal, Abhay Gautam

20-11-2018 | Full Research Article | Issue 2/2019

Finite element modeling of 3D-printed part with cellular internal structure using homogenized properties

Sunil Bhandari, Roberto Lopez-Anido

16-11-2018 | Full Research Article | Issue 2/2019

In situ measurement of part geometries in layer images from laser beam melting processes

Joschka zur Jacobsmühlen, Jan Achterhold, Stefan Kleszczynski, Gerd Witt, Dorit Merhof

28-03-2019 | Review Article | Issue 2/2019 Open Access

A taxonomy of shape-changing behavior for 4D printed parts using shape-memory polymers

Seokwoo Nam, Eujin Pei

21-11-2018 | Review Article | Issue 2/2019

FDM filaments with unique segmentation since evolution: a critical review

R. Anandkumar, S. Ramesh Babu

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