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Progress in Additive Manufacturing

Progress in Additive Manufacturing 3/2019

Issue 3/2019

Table of Contents ( 13 Articles )

06-08-2019 | Editorial | Issue 3/2019

Editorial PIAM July 2019

Martin Schäfer

29-06-2019 | Full Research Article | Issue 3/2019

Direct coupling of fixed screw extruders using flexible heated hoses for FDM printing of extremely soft thermoplastic elastomers

Mohammad Abu Hasan Khondoker, Dan Sameoto

02-07-2019 | Full Research Article | Issue 3/2019 Open Access

A dynamic model for current-based nozzle condition monitoring in fused deposition modelling

Yedige Tlegenov, Wen Feng Lu, Geok Soon Hong

26-06-2019 | Full Research Article | Issue 3/2019

Helical slicing method for material extrusion-based robotic additive manufacturing

Ismail Enes Yigit, I. Lazoglu

11-04-2019 | Full Research Article | Issue 3/2019

Improving fracture strength of fused filament fabrication parts via thermal annealing in a printed support shell

R. M. Dunn, K. R. Hart, E. D. Wetzel

04-02-2019 | Review Article | Issue 3/2019

3D-printing and advanced manufacturing for electronics

Alejandro H. Espera Jr., John Ryan C. Dizon, Qiyi Chen, Rigoberto C. Advincula

03-01-2019 | Full Research Article | Issue 3/2019

PCA-based desirability method for dimensional improvement of part extruded by fused deposition modelling technology

Azhar Equbal, Md. Israr Equbal, Anoop Kumar Sood

14-01-2019 | Full Research Article | Issue 3/2019

Design of variable thickness triply periodic surfaces for additive manufacturing

Gianpaolo Savio, Roberto Meneghello, Gianmaria Concheri

06-02-2019 | Full Research Article | Issue 3/2019

Optimizing additive manufacturing parameters for the fused deposition modeling technology using a design of experiments

Luiz Fernando C. S. Durão, Richard Barkoczy, Eduardo Zancul, Linda Lee Ho, Renan Bonnard

08-07-2019 | Full Research Article | Issue 3/2019

3D-printed clay-based ceramic water filters for point-of-use water treatment applications

Akuemaho Virgile Onésime Akowanou, Hontonho Espérance Justine Deguenon, Leo Groendijk, Martin Pépin Aina, Benjamin Kouassi Yao, Patrick Drogui

20-07-2019 | Full Research Article | Issue 3/2019

A parametric determination of bending and Charpy’s impact strength of ABS and ABS-plus fused deposition modeling specimens

N. Vidakis, M. Petousis, A. Vairis, K. Savvakis, A. Maniadi

12-06-2019 | Full Research Article | Issue 3/2019 Open Access

Investigating the impact of additive manufacturing data exchange standards for re-distributed manufacturing

Eujin Pei, Malte Ressin, R. I. Campbell, Benoit Eynard, Jinhua Xiao

04-06-2019 | Review Article | Issue 3/2019

An overview of information technology standardization activities related to additive manufacturing

Byoung Nam Lee, Eujin Pei, Jumyung Um

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