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Progress in Additive Manufacturing

Progress in Additive Manufacturing 3/2020

Issue 3/2020

Additive Manufacturing: Process Conduct, Material Modelling, Application and Optimization

Table of Contents ( 9 Articles )

03-12-2019 | Editorial | Issue 3/2020


Markus Merkel, Leonhard Hitzler

10-04-2020 | Full Research Article | Issue 3/2020

Simulation-assisted analysis of microstructural evolution of Ti–6Al–4V during laser powder bed fusion

Peter Holfelder, Armin Witte

02-04-2020 | Full Research Article | Issue 3/2020

Thermal expansion behavior of Al–xSi alloys fabricated using selective laser melting

Y. D. Jia, L. B. Zhang, P. Ma, S. Scudino, G. Wang, J. Yi, J. Eckert, K. G. Prashanth

07-02-2020 | Full Research Article | Issue 3/2020 Open Access

Fracture toughness of L-PBF fabricated aluminium–silicon: a quantitative study on the role of crack growth direction with respect to layering

L. Hitzler, E. Sert, E. Schuch, A. Öchsner, M. Merkel, B. Heine, E. Werner

14-10-2019 | Full Research Article | Issue 3/2020

Effect of miniaturization and surface roughness on the mechanical properties of the electron beam melted superalloy Inconel®718

D. Kotzem, P. Dumke, P. Sepehri, J. Tenkamp, F. Walther

18-02-2020 | Full Research Article | Issue 3/2020 Open Access

A deep learning-based model for defect detection in laser-powder bed fusion using in-situ thermographic monitoring

Hermann Baumgartl, Josef Tomas, Ricardo Buettner, Markus Merkel

21-11-2019 | Full Research Article | Issue 3/2020

Non-destructive characterization of process-induced defects and their effect on the fatigue behavior of austenitic steel 316L made by laser-powder bed fusion

Felix Stern, Jochen Tenkamp, Frank Walther

27-01-2020 | Full Research Article | Issue 3/2020

Experimental characterization and numerical analysis of additively manufactured mild steel under monotonic loading conditions

J. Lizarazu, L. Göbel, S. Linne, S. Kleemann, T. Lahmer, Ch. Rößler, J. Hildebrand

03-04-2020 | Full Research Article | Issue 3/2020 Open Access

Tensile and compressive behaviour of additively manufactured AlSi10Mg samples

Enes Sert, L. Hitzler, S. Hafenstein, M. Merkel, E. Werner, A. Öchsner

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