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Progress in Additive Manufacturing

Progress in Additive Manufacturing 4/2019

Issue 4/2019

Table of Contents ( 13 Articles )

25-10-2019 | Editorial | Issue 4/2019

Editorial PIAM October 2019

Eujin Pei

13-12-2018 | Full Research Article | Issue 4/2019

Integral numerical modeling of the deposition profile of a cold spraying process as an additive manufacturing technology

Weijun Zhu, Xiaoyu Zhang, Minjuan Zhang, Xiaoyong Tian, Dichen Li

07-02-2019 | Full Research Article | Issue 4/2019

Experimental investigation and analysis of dimensional accuracy of laser-based powder bed fusion made specimen by application of response surface methodology

M. Hiren, M. E. Gajera, Komal G. Dave, Veera P. Jani

09-02-2019 | Review Article | Issue 4/2019 Open Access

Powders for powder bed fusion: a review

Silvia Vock, Burghardt Klöden, Alexander Kirchner, Thomas Weißgärber, Bernd Kieback

06-05-2019 | Full Research Article | Issue 4/2019

3D hybrid-material processing in selective laser melting: implementation of a selective coating system

Simon Girnth, Julian Koopmann, Günter Klawitter, Nils Waldt, Thomas Niendorf

07-05-2019 | Full Research Article | Issue 4/2019

In-process closed-loop control for stabilising the melt pool temperature in selective laser melting

Volker Renken, Axel von Freyberg, Kevin Schünemann, Felix Pastors, Andreas Fischer

23-08-2019 | Full Research Article | Issue 4/2019

Statistical analysis of spatter velocity with high-speed stereovision in laser powder bed fusion

Christopher Barrett, Carolyn Carradero, Evan Harris, Kirk Rogers, Eric MacDonald, Brett Conner

21-06-2019 | Full Research Article | Issue 4/2019

The validation of the microstructural evolution of selective laser-melted AlSi10Mg on the in-house built machine: energy density studies

Ntombizodwa R. Mathe, Lerato C. Tshabalala

02-05-2019 | Full Research Article | Issue 4/2019

Suitability of electrical discharge machining debris particles for usage as a powder for selective laser melting: an explorative study

Kai Oßwald, Jörg Woidasky, Anika Marie Hoffmann, Marco Moser

19-08-2019 | Full Research Article | Issue 4/2019

Tailoring and investigation of defined porosity properties in thin-walled 316L structures using laser-based powder bed fusion

Eberhard Abele, Thorsten Reiber, Manfred Hampe, María Catalina Bermúdez Agudelo, Fabian Menz

09-09-2019 | Full Research Article | Issue 4/2019

Thermo-mechanical simulations of selective laser melting for AlSi10Mg alloy to predict the part-scale deformations

Emrecan Soylemez, Ebubekir Koç, Mert Coşkun

14-09-2019 | Full Research Article | Issue 4/2019

High-speed material jetting additive manufacturing of silicone structures: mechanical characterization

Farzad Liravi, Mehrnaz Salarian, Charles Dal Castel, Leonardo Simon, Ehsan Toyserkani

12-09-2019 | Full Research Article | Issue 4/2019

Characterization of the anisotropic thermal conductivity of additively manufactured components by fused filament fabrication

Ahmed Elkholy, Mahmoud Rouby, Roger Kempers

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