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Progress in Additive Manufacturing

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21-11-2019 | Full Research Article

Non-destructive characterization of process-induced defects and their effect on the fatigue behavior of austenitic steel 316L made by laser-powder bed fusion

Additive manufacturing (AM) offers a high potential for light weight applications due to its possibility to generate complex structures with a high freedom of design compared to conventional techniques. However, the mechanical characterization of …

08-11-2019 | Review Article Open Access

A review on the use of additive manufacturing to produce lower limb orthoses

Orthoses (exoskeletons and fracture fixation devices) enhance users’ ability to function and improve their quality of life by supporting alignment correction, restoring mobility, providing protection, immobilisation and stabilisation. Ideally …

17-10-2019 | Full Research Article

MP Welding of dissimilar materials: AM laser powder-bed fusion AlSi10Mg to wrought AA6060-T6

Magnetic pulse welding (MPW) is a clean and green solid-state method that provides metallurgical joints. MPW is a high-speed single-shot welding technique. Additive manufacturing (AM) laser powder-bed fusion method is an emerging technology, but …

16-10-2019 | Full Research Article

Development of additively manufacturable and electrically conductive graphite–polymer composites

The selectivity between electrically conductive and insulating regions within one additively manufactured part can open new domains for customized, smart, and active products. In this article, new electrically conductive polymer matrix composites …

14-10-2019 | Full Research Article

Effect of miniaturization and surface roughness on the mechanical properties of the electron beam melted superalloy Inconel®718

In this work, the Ni-based super alloy Inconel 718 manufactured via electron beam melting is investigated. Typical microstructure of Inconel 718, which was processed by electron beam melting, consists of columnar oriented dendritic structure with …

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