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Progress in Additive Manufacturing

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10-08-2018 | Full Research Article

Tensile lap-shear and flexural behaviour of aluminium metal foil parts made by composite metal foil manufacturing

This paper deals with the production and experimental investigation of very thin aluminium 1050 grade foil products. Single lap joints and samples for flexural testing were made using composite metal foil manufacturing (CMFM) using a special …

26-07-2018 | Full Research Article

Additively manufactured high-performance counterflow heat exchanger

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate that additive manufacturing is a viable method for producing counterflow heat exchangers that have a very high power to volume ratio. For this study, a heat exchanger with 144 flow channels in a …

07-07-2018 | Full Research Article

Investigation of LBM-processed bimodal powder mixtures of the nickel base alloy HX and WC–Co

Laser beam melting (LBM) is an additive manufacturing technology (AM), which enables the production of individual, complex metal parts. The development of AM-specific materials is a necessary step to exploit the full technological potential and …

19-06-2018 | Full Research Article

Investigation of polylactide and carbon nanocomposite filament for 3D printing

Fused deposition modeling (FDM) has been used to manufacture complicated structures and robots in the past few years. However, most FDM machines do not fabricate fully functional robots that are ready for use. One of the requirements of fully …

13-06-2018 | Full Research Article

Inkjet 3D printing of clay ceramics for water treatment

In the present work, inkjet 3D printing technology was employed to form clay powder into green ceramic components. Sintering was then applied to consolidate the 3D-printed ceramics to produce the filtration media for water treatment. Specimen …

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Progress in Additive Manufacturing publishes advances in the processing of materials using additive manufacturing technologies, as well as new combinations of additive and subtractive manufacturing technologies.

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