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12-11-2018 | Editorial

Editorial PIAM October 2018

22-10-2018 | Full Research Article

Laser beam build-up welding of AlSi12-powder on AlSi1MgMn-alloy substrate

In the present work, laser beam build-up welding of AlSi12 alloy powder on AlSi1MgMn-alloy (EN AW-6082) substrate has been studied to determine the laser deposition strategy for fabrication of 3-D structure. First, the influence of laser power …

19-10-2018 | Full Research Article

Investigation of the interface between SLM processed nickel alloy on a cast iron substrate

Recent advances in the field of additive manufacturing offers significant flexibility in shaping and processing of materials. These techniques have been extensively studied for the manufacturing of entire component, typically using powder of a …

21-08-2018 | Full Research Article

Microstructure evolution of Inconel 738 fabricated by pulsed laser powder bed fusion

High-density crack-free Inconel 738 samples were manufactured into both thin-walled and bulk samples using pulsed laser powder bed fusion (P-LPBF). As-built thin-walled samples presented a dendritic microstructure with primary dendrite arm spacing …

21-08-2018 | Full Research Article

Interlayer thermal history modification for interface strength in fused filament fabricated parts

Fused filament fabrication (FFF) technology has been a cost-effective option in the additive manufacturing industry. It, however, still faces drawbacks in terms of tolerance, accuracy, surface finish and material property anisotropy that prevent …

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