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14-03-2019 | Regular Paper

Advanced visualization of Twitter data for its analysis as a communication channel in traditional companies

The adoption of Twitter as communication channel can provide a significant benefit to firms, allowing them to improve their reputation and check its consistency with their mission and goals, monitor how customers respond to a business decision …

11-03-2019 | Regular Paper

OCAPIS: R package for Ordinal Classification and Preprocessing in Scala

Ordinal data are those where a natural order exists between the labels. The classification and preprocessing of this type of data is attracting more and more interest in the area of machine learning, due to its presence in many common problems.

11-03-2019 | Regular Paper

Early anticipation of driver’s maneuver in semiautonomous vehicles using deep learning

Making machines to anticipate human action is a complex research problem. Some of the recent research studies on computer vision and assistive driving have reported that the anticipation of driver’s action few seconds in advance is a challenging …

09-03-2019 | Regular Paper

Semantic textual similarity between sentences using bilingual word semantics

Semantic textual similarity between sentences is indispensable for many information retrieval tasks. Traditional lexical similarity measures cannot compute the similarity beyond a trivial level. Moreover, they only can capture the textual …

05-03-2019 | Regular Paper

Dynamical memetization in coral reef optimization algorithms for optimal time series approximation

The huge amount of data chronologically collected in short periods of time by different devices and technologies is an important challenge in the analysis of times series. This problem has produced the development of new automatic techniques to …

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