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01-12-2020 | Review | Issue 1/2020 Open Access

Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering 1/2020

Progress in Thermomechanical Analysis of Friction Stir Welding

Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering > Issue 1/2020
Bahman Meyghani, Chuansong Wu


This article reviews the status of thermomechanical analysis of the friction stir welding (FSW) process for establishing guidelines for further investigation, filling the available research gaps, and expanding FSW applications. Firstly, the advantages and applications of FSW process are introduced, and the significance and key issues for thermomechanical analysis in FSW are pointed out. Then, solid mechanic and fluid dynamic methods in modeling FSW process are described, and the key issues in modeling FSW are discussed. Different available mesh modeling techniques including the applications, benefits and shortcomings are explained. After that, at different subsections, the thermomechanical analysis in FSW of aluminum alloys and steels are examined and summarized in depth. Finally, the conclusions and summary are presented in order to investigate the lack of knowledge and the possibilities for future study of each method and each material.
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