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Public Choice

Public Choice 1-2/2021

Issue 1-2/2021

Special issue in honor of Janos Kornai / Edited by Mehrdad Vahabi

Table of Contents ( 15 Articles )

21-03-2021 | Issue 1-2/2021

Introduction: a special issue in honoring Janos Kornai

Mehrdad Vahabi

18-05-2020 | Issue 1-2/2021

1956 in Hungary: as I saw it then and as I see it now

János Kornai

19-08-2020 | Issue 1-2/2021

Marx after Kornai

Amartya Sen

21-03-2021 | EDITORIAL COMMENTARY | Issue 1-2/2021

Commissioned editorial commentary: exchange between Janos Kornai and Amartya Sen on Karl Marx

Mehrdad Vahabi

20-09-2019 | Issue 1-2/2021

Socialism and Kornai’s revolutionary perspective

Mehrdad Vahabi

23-10-2019 | Issue 1-2/2021

Kornai’s Overcentralization and naïve empiricism

Paul R. Gregory

12-05-2020 | Issue 1-2/2021

Janos Kornai: a non-mainstream pathway from economic planning to disequilibrium economics

Wladimir Andreff

16-10-2020 | Issue 1-2/2021

János Kornai, the Austrians, and the political and economic analysis of socialism

Peter J. Boettke, Rosolino A. Candela

07-02-2020 | Issue 1-2/2021

Kornai goes to Kenya

Peter T. Leeson, Colin Harris, Andrew Myers

28-07-2020 | Issue 1-2/2021

New evidence on the soft budget constraint: Chinese environmental policy effectiveness in SOE-dominated cities

Mathilde Maurel, Thomas Pernet

26-10-2020 | Issue 1-2/2021

Disruptive innovation and R&D ownership structures

Di Guo, Haizhou Huang, Kun Jiang, Chenggang Xu

23-04-2020 | Issue 1-2/2021

Culture, institutions and democratization*

Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Gerard Roland

27-07-2020 | Issue 1-2/2021 Open Access

Kornai on the affinity of systems: Is China today an illiberal capitalist system or a communist dictatorship?

Péter Mihályi, Iván Szelényi

15-02-2021 | Issue 1-2/2021 Open Access

Is there a demand for autocracies in Europe? Comparing the attitudes of Hungarian and Italian university students toward liberal democratic values inspired by János Kornai

Miklós Rosta, László Tóth

06-02-2021 | Issue 1-2/2021

Hungary's U-turn in Kornai's system paradigm perspective: a case for national authoritarian capitalism

Pierre-Yves Hénin, Ahmet Insel

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