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Quality & Quantity

Quality & Quantity 5-6/2020

Issue 5-6/2020

Special Issue: Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Tourism Research

Table of Contents ( 23 Articles )

11-08-2020 | Issue 5-6/2020

Special issue: Qualitative and quantitative methods in tourism research

Biagio Simonetti, Fabrizio Antolini, Rosella Castellano, Michele Gallo, María Rosario González-Rodríguez, Antonio Giusti, Pasquale Sarnacchiaro

29-03-2019 | Issue 5-6/2020

On the relationship between energy-related plants and oncological cases in Basilicata (Italy) using soft computing methods

Salvatore Rampone, Biagio Simonetti

29-03-2019 | Issue 5-6/2020

Influence of brand equity on the behavioral attitudes of customers: Spanish Tourist Paradores

José Álvarez-García, María del Carmen Cortés-Domínguez, María de la Cruz del Río-Rama, Biagio Simonetti

11-05-2019 | Issue 5-6/2020

Customer satisfaction and service domains: a further development of PROSERV

Enrico Ciavolino, Gloria Lagetto, Andrea Montinari, Amjad D. Al-Nasser, Amer I. Al-Omari, Matteo J. Zaterini, Sergio Salvatore

17-05-2019 | Issue 5-6/2020

Digital transformation of cultural institutions: a statistical analysis of Italian and Campania GLAMs

Massimo Guarino, Maria Anna Di Palma, Tullio Menini, Michele Gallo

20-05-2019 | Issue 5-6/2020

The tourism gender gap and its potential impact on the development of the emerging countries

Azzurra Rinaldi, Irene Salerno

31-05-2019 | Issue 5-6/2020

The cooperation strategies for the performance improvement in the cruise sea–land logistics: evidence from Italy

Assunta Di Vaio, Flavio Boccia, Lourdes Trujillo

01-06-2019 | Issue 5-6/2020

Customer-based brand equity and destination visit behaviour in the tourism industry: the contingent role of social media

Munazza Saeed, Imran Shafique

01-06-2019 | Issue 5-6/2020

Global risks and tourism industry in Turkey

Ali Asgary, Ali Ihsan Ozdemir

03-06-2019 | Issue 5-6/2020

The risks connected with accidents on highways and railways

J. Procházka, Š. Hošková-Mayerová, D. Procházková

03-06-2019 | Issue 5-6/2020

Assessment of blockchain applications in travel and tourism industry

Ali Ihsan Ozdemir, Ilker Murat Ar, Ismail Erol

15-06-2019 | Issue 5-6/2020

Tourism satisfaction and perspectives: an exploratory study in Italy

Flavio Boccia, Roberta Di Gennaro, Pasquale Sarnacchiaro, Virginia Sarno

17-07-2019 | Issue 5-6/2020

Quantitative methods for the economic valuation of a cultural tourism destination: case study of the Pisa Charterhouse

Benedetta Parenti, Salvatore Capasso, Salvatore Ercolano, Giuseppe Lucio Gaeta, Patrizia Lattarulo

07-08-2019 | Issue 5-6/2020 Open Access

Development of tourism in Polish poviats in the years 2010–2017

Jerzy Korzeniewski, Maciej Kozłowski

08-08-2019 | Issue 5-6/2020 Open Access

Unconventional incentive schemes in tourism enterprises, does it make sense?

Maciej Kozłowski

08-08-2019 | Issue 5-6/2020

Identifying factors affecting the status of superhost: evidence from Sardinia and Sicily

Giulia Contu, Claudio Conversano, Luca Frigau, Francesco Mola

17-08-2019 | Issue 5-6/2020

Mining big data in tourism

Carmela Iorio, Giuseppe Pandolfo, Antonio D’Ambrosio, Roberta Siciliano

20-08-2019 | Issue 5-6/2020

Social Media managerial implications for budget accommodation venues: use of Social Media platforms more effectively and efficiently

Sara Domínguez-Navarro, M. Rosario González-Rodríguez

26-08-2019 | Issue 5-6/2020 Open Access

Innovativeness of railway transport in the context of the development of tourism in Poland

Maciej Kozłowski, Marek Pawełczyk, Agnieszka Piotrowska-Piątek

06-09-2019 | Issue 5-6/2020

Cultural tourism: an integrated analysis based on official data

Francesca Petrei, Lorenzo Cavallo, Maria Teresa Santoro

30-09-2019 | Issue 5-6/2020

Agrarian landscapes: from marginal areas to cultural landscapes—paths to sustainable tourism in small villages—the case of Vico Del Gargano in the club of the Borghi più belli d’Italia

Simona Giordano

05-10-2019 | Issue 5-6/2020

Tourism competitiveness of Italian municipalities

Enrico Conti, Laura Grassini, Catia Monicolini

01-01-2020 | Issue 5-6/2020

Methodological problems in the economic measurement of tourism: the need for new sources of information

Fabrizio Antolini, Laura Grassini

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