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02-07-2022 | Original Article

Flexible single-electrode triboelectric nanogenerator with MWCNT/PDMS composite film for environmental energy harvesting and human motion monitoring

With the rapid development of wearable electronic devices, modern portable energy sources pay more attention to lightweight, low cost, high flexibility and high efficiency. This paper proposed a flexible single-electrode triboelectric …

02-07-2022 | Original Article

Elongation of skyrmions by Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya interaction in helimagnetic films

Distortion of skyrmions arouses much attention recently due to the exotic topological and dynamic properties. Investigating the formation mechanism and dynamical behavior of the deformed skyrmions promotes practical spintronic applications.

02-07-2022 | Original Article

Skyrmion-(non)crystal structure stabilized by dipolar interaction

We report a numerical study on the role of long-range dipolar interaction played on the creation and stabilization of skyrmion-(non)crystal structure in chiral ferromagnetic thin films without any anisotropies, based on a Monte-Carlo simulation …

30-06-2022 | Letter

Entropy engineering in CaZn2Sb2–YbMg2Sb2 Zintl alloys for enhanced thermoelectric performance

30-06-2022 | Original Article

Enhanced ethanol oxidation over Pd nanoparticles supported porous graphene-doped MXene using polystyrene particles as sacrificial templates

Fabrication of superior catalytic performance palladium-based catalysts with affordable cost is the key to develop direct ethanol fuel cell. Herein, Pd-decorated three-dimensional (3D) porous constructed from graphene oxide (GO) and MXene …

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About this journal

As a peer-reviewed and international research journal, Rare Metals provides a forum for publishing full-length, original papers and invited overviews that advance the in-depth understanding of rare metals and their applications. Papers that have a high impact potential and/or substantially advance the frontiers of science and technology are sought. Rare Metals promotes papers precisely and globally to make scientific findings understood by a broad range of readers.

The following aspects related to rare metals are of particular interest:

  • Cross-disciplinary research in application of rare metals in functional materials, composites, nano materials, alloys, ceramics.
  • Characterization of structure and properties of rare metal materials specifically as it relates to cutting-edge materials.
  • Development of methodology with potential global impact in metallurgy, synthesis and processing of rare metals.
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