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04-08-2020 | Original Article

Correlation between pass-through flux of cobalt target and microstructure and magnetic properties of sputtered thin films

The rapid development of target techniques for magnetron sputtering has greatly promoted the applications of various advanced electronic devices [ 1 – 3 ]. Ferromagnetic cobalt and its alloy are important spintronic materials [ 4 – 7 ], which have …

04-08-2020 | Original Article

Microstructure and properties of Inconel 625 + WC composite coatings prepared by laser cladding

Turbine blades are the main components of the blast furnace gas residual pressure recovery turbine (top pressure recovery turbines, TRT). 2Cr13 stainless steel has been widely used as the main material of TRT blades because of its high fatigue …

04-08-2020 | Original Article

Microstructural evolution and numerical simulation of laser-welded Ti2AlNb joints under different heat inputs

Titanium alloys are known for their wide applications in aerospace and aviation industry [ 1 , 2 ] and among the different alloys of titanium, titanium aluminides, such as Ti 3 Al, Ti 2 AlNb and TiAl, are receiving significant attention because of …

04-08-2020 | Original Article

Microstructural evolution and aging behavior of Mg–4.5Y–2.5Nd–1.0Gd–0.5Zr alloys with different Zn additions

With tremendous potential to save energy and reduce structural weight, Mg–Y–Nd (WE) system alloys have received increasing attentions in the biomedicine, transportation, spacecraft, and electronics industries, because they own good balance on …

04-08-2020 | Original Article

Chemically synthesizing exchange-coupled SmCo5/Sm2Co17 nanocomposites

Sm–Co alloys are extremely important magnetic materials due to their extra-large magnetocrystalline anisotropy and high Curie temperature, which make them superior to other systems, and thus they have been widely applied under a harsh environment …

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The following aspects related to rare metals are of particular interest:

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  • Development of methodology with potential global impact in metallurgy, synthesis and processing of rare metals.
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