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Review of Industrial Organization

An International Journal Published for the Industrial Organization Society

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Recent Developments at the CMA: 2019–2020

We discuss three important cases that the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has completed over the past year: First, the coronavirus pandemic has had implications for a wide range of the CMA’s work; we describe the work on price gouging …


Signaling in Technology Licensing with a Downstream Oligopoly

We analyze licensing contracts in an oligopolistic downstream market where an outside innovator has private information with regard to its technology. Under complete information, the innovator uses a fee-only or a two-part contract to extract the …

27-08-2020 Open Access

On Bundling and Entry Deterrence

A multiproduct incumbent firm faces the threat of entry from another multiproduct (generalist) firm or from single-product (specialist) firms. Assuming that the incumbent offers higher quality products than its rivals, we inquire whether the …

24-08-2020 Open Access

Jointly Held Investment Options and Vertical Relationships

We find the optimal time for exercising a jointly held investment option. When the input market is competitive, the investment can take place earlier, later, or exactly when the optimal investment threshold is reached depending on how the option …


Behavior-Based Price Discrimination and Product Choice

We study a two-period model of behavior-based price discrimination, as in Fudenberg and Tirole (RAND J Econ 31(4):634–657, 2000), but we allow firms to make their product choices in the first period. We show that the only possible equilibrium …

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About this journal

Published for the Industrial Organization Society, the Review of Industrial Organization examines all aspects of the field. The journal encourages papers dealing with any economic sector and any developed economy.

A major focus of the journal is competition and monopoly in their many forms and their effects on efficiency, innovation, and social conditions. Topics range from the internal organization of enterprises to international comparisons. The Review has also increased its focus on public policies such as antitrust, regulation, deregulation, public enterprise, and privatization.

The Review highlights ideas that can be verified by econometric evidence, case studies, or other real conditions. It also presents papers that advance significant theories of industrial organization and policy.

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