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Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting

Issue 1/2023

Content (13 Articles)

Original Research

Investor sentiment and bitcoin prices

Dimitrios Koutmos

Original Research

The informational role of audit partner industry specialization

Yi-Hsing Liao, Hua Lee, Chao-Jung Chen

Open Access Original Research

Can trade credit rejuvenate Islamic banking?

Wahyu Jatmiko, M. Shahid Ebrahim, Abdullah Iqbal, Rafal M. Wojakowski

Open Access Original Research

Enhancing stock market anomalies with machine learning

Vitor Azevedo, Christopher Hoegner

Open Access Original Research

Evidence that financing decisions contribute to the zero-earnings discontinuity

Naser Makarem, Frank Hong Liu, Lei Chen

Original Research

Do investors infer future cash flow volatility based on liquidity?

Ben Angelo, Mitchell Johnston

Original Research

Firm-level political risk and corporate tax avoidance

Mahmud Hossain, Gerald J. Lobo, Santanu Mitra

Original Research

The COVID-19 pandemic and firm value: the mediating effect of FinTech applications

Ya-Chih Yang, Wu-Po Liu, Kung-Hong Shih

Original Research

The impact of sovereign defaults on lending countries

Si Guo, Yun Pei

Original Research

Competitive threat and strategic disclosure during the IPO quiet period

Yetaotao Qiu, Michel Magnan, Shafu Zhang

Current Publications