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Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting

Issue 3/2022

Content (12 Articles)

Open Access Original Research

Does corporate social responsibility impact equity risk? International evidence

Alice Monti, Pierpaolo Pattitoni, Barbara Petracci, Otto Randl

Open Access Original Research

The evolution of trade credit: new evidence from developed versus developing countries

Michael Machokoto, Daniel Gyimah, Boulis Maher Ibrahim

Original Research

Trading concentration and industry-specific information: an analysis of auto complaints

Marshall A. Geiger, Sami Keskek, Abdullah Kumas

Original Research

Influences of family ownership on dividend policy under mandatory dividend rules

Alexandros Sikalidis, Konstantinos Bozos, Antonios Chantziaras, Christos Grose

Open Access Original Research

Fund manager skill: selling matters more!

Onur Kemal Tosun, Liang Jin, Richard Taffler, Arman Eshraghi

Original Research

Ex-ante performance of REIT portfolios

Gene Birz, Erik Devos, Sandip Dutta, Khoa Nguyen, Desmond Tsang

Original Research

Firm life cycle stages and earnings management

Bikki Jaggi, Alessandra Allini, Raffaela Casciello, Fiorenza Meucci

Original Research

Outsourcing as a cooperative game between the CEO and labor: theory and evidence

Jongmoo Jay Choi, Ming Ju, Jose M. Plehn-Dujowich, Xiaotian Tina Zhang

Original Research

Earnings patterns and managerial guidance

Anna Agapova, Jagadison K. Aier, Zhanel DeVides

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