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Review of Regional Research

Jahrbuch für Regionalwissenschaft


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Open Access 15-06-2022 | Original Paper

Wider urban zones: use of topology and nighttime satellite images for delimiting urban areas

In the literature on the definition of urban areas, the methodological approaches are divided into formalist (aggregation by density thresholds) and functionalist (aggregation by commuting quotas). This paper proposes a mixed approach, in which …

Open Access 20-05-2022 | Original Paper

Persistence studies: a new kind of economic history?

Since the early years of the 21st century, economists have started to look for the historical roots of current economic outcomes. In this article, we deal with this new approach (called persistence studies), as represented by the 75 articles …

Open Access 22-03-2022 | Original Paper

Geographical accessibility to bank branches and its relationship to new firm formation in Sweden via multiscale geographically weighted regression

The geographical accessibility to banks and its relationship with new firm formation can vary across space due to spatial contexts. With increasing bank branch closures in Sweden, it is even more critical to understand where interventions are …

30-11-2021 | Original Paper

The dynamic general nesting spatial econometric model for spatial panels with common factors: Further raising the bar

The dynamic general nesting spatial econometric model for spatial panels with common factors is the most advanced model currently available. It accounts for local spatial dependence by means of an endogenous spatial lag, exogenous spatial lags …

Open Access 14-10-2021 | Original Paper

Nighttime lights and wealth in very small areas:

Namibian complete census versus DHS data

Nighttime lights observed from satellites are a widely accepted proxy measure for economic development. This is mainly based on cross-country evidence that finds strong correlations between lights and Gross Domestic Product. Yet, the evidence on …

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This journal publishes original theoretical and empirical research in all fields of regional science. Pursuing an interdisciplinary approach, its scientific scope includes in particular economics, geography, sociology, spatial and urban planning, transportation, environmental issues, resource management, population science and communication. 
The Review of Regional Research is a publication of the German-speaking section of the Regional Science Association International, i.e. the Gesellschaft für Regionalforschung. Since its inception in 1980 the journal’s primary aim has been to publish high-quality papers that make new and substantial contributions to theoretical as well as empirical issues in regional science. Submitted manuscripts are subject to a mutually anonymous peer-review proce

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