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20-02-2018 | Original Contribution

Filling the gap between transient and steady shear rheology of aqueous graphene oxide dispersions

Even though the rheological behavior of aqueous graphene oxide (G-O) dispersions has been shown to be strongly time-dependent, only few transient measurements have been reported in the literature. In this work, we attempt to fill the gap between …

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The journal Rheologica Acta advances the science of rheology by publishing high quality peer reviewed articles, invited reviews and peer reviewed short communications reporting substantial progress in core areas of fluid or solid rheology.

The scope of coverage includes rheometrical and rheo-physical techniques, rheo-optics, microrheology; rheology of soft matter systems including polymer melts and solutions, colloidal dispersions, cement, ceramics, glasses, gels, emulsions, surfactant systems, liquid crystals, biomaterials and food; electro and magnetorheology; theory of rheology; non-Newtonian fluid mechanics, complex fluids in microfluidic devices and flow instabilities; interfacial rheology and more.

Rheologica Acta is the official journal of The European Society of Rheology.

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