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16-06-2018 | Review

Yield stress fluids and ageing

Many high-concentration multiphase materials that are industrially and academically important do not reach thermodynamic equilibrium because of kinetic constraints originating from the structurally arrested microstructure. However, owing to …

07-06-2018 | Original Contribution

Non-isothermal analysis of extrusion film casting using multi-mode Phan-Thien Tanner constitutive equation and comparison with experiments

Extrusion film casting (EFC) is an industrially important process which produces thousands of tons of polymer films, sheets, and coating used for various industrial as well as household applications. In this paper, we focus on an instability which …

07-06-2018 | Original Contribution

Plastic instability studied experimentally on a semi-crystalline polymer through thermomechanical heat source identification: the flow stress concept revisited

Micromechanical deformation phenomena such as those leading to macroscopic viscoelastic and plastic behavior must be studied from a thermodynamic viewpoint, as they induce complex and partly irreversible heat effects. Calorimetric measurements of …

29-05-2018 | Original Contribution

Effective viscosity of a dilute emulsion of spherical drops containing soluble surfactant

The effective viscosity of a dilute emulsion of spherical drops containing a soluble surfactant is calculated under a linear creeping flow. It is assumed that convection of surfactant is small relative to diffusion, and thus the Peclet number, Pe …

25-05-2018 | Original Contribution

Yielding characterization of waxy gels by energy dissipation

The rheological behaviors of yield stress fluids are commonly interpreted from the energy perspective, yet this perspective has rarely been applied for waxy gel. In this study, we calculated the energy dissipated into the waxy gel caused by …

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The journal Rheologica Acta advances the science of rheology by publishing high quality peer reviewed articles, invited reviews and peer reviewed short communications reporting substantial progress in core areas of fluid or solid rheology.

The scope of coverage includes rheometrical and rheo-physical techniques, rheo-optics, microrheology; rheology of soft matter systems including polymer melts and solutions, colloidal dispersions, cement, ceramics, glasses, gels, emulsions, surfactant systems, liquid crystals, biomaterials and food; electro and magnetorheology; theory of rheology; non-Newtonian fluid mechanics, complex fluids in microfluidic devices and flow instabilities; interfacial rheology and more.

Rheologica Acta is the official journal of The European Society of Rheology.

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