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Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering


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Open Access 22-09-2022 | Original Paper

Effect of Pressure and Stress Cycles on Fluid Flow in Hydraulically Fractured, Low-Porosity, Anisotropic Sandstone

Hydraulic fracture in deep rock masses is used across a variety of disciplines, from unconventional oil and gas to geothermal exploration. The overall efficiency of this process requires not only knowledge of the fracture mechanics of the rocks …

22-09-2022 | Original Paper

Experimental Study on the Influence of a Small-Scale Single Structural Plane on Rockburst in Deep Tunnels

To investigate the influence of a small-scale single structural plane with hard fillings in the surrounding rock of deep tunnels on the rockburst process, a series of biaxial compression tests were conducted on granite specimens (200 mm ×  200 mm …

22-09-2022 | Original Paper

A New Perspective Based on Overcoming Sample Heterogeneity for the Estimation of Thermal Damage Inflicted on Volcanic Rocks Using Non-destructive Tests

Studies investigating the effect of high temperatures on physical and strength properties of natural rocks face the problem of sample heterogeneity even if the samples are prepared from the same block. The general approach available in the …

22-09-2022 | Original Paper

Three-Dimensional Experimental and Numerical Investigations on Fracture Initiation and Propagation for Oriented Limited-Entry Perforation and Helical Perforation

The competitive initiation from multiple perforation tunnels and the non-planar propagation near the wellbore for different perforation technologies are not fully understood. Laboratory physical experiment can demonstrate the complex fracture …

22-09-2022 | Original Paper

Experimental Study of Supercritical CO2 Fracturing Across Coal–Rock Interfaces

Indirect fracturing with supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) is a promising technology of coalbed methane exploitation in soft and low-permeability coal seams. The key to its success is to ensure the cracks produced by supercritical CO2 fracturing …

About this journal

Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering covers the experimental and theoretical aspects of rock mechanics, including laboratory and field testing, methods of computation and field observation of structural behavior. The journal maintains the strong link between engineering geology and rock engineering, providing a bridge between fundamental developments and practical application. Coverage includes case histories on design and construction of structures in rock such as underground openings, large dam foundations and rock slopes.

Fields of interest include rock mechanics in all its varied aspects including laboratory testing, field investigations, computational methods and design principles. The journal also reports on applications in tunneling, rock slopes, large dam foundations, mining, engineering and engineering geology.

Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering
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