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Russian Journal of Nondestructive Testing

Russian Journal of Nondestructive Testing 9/2020

Issue 9/2020

Table of Contents ( 7 Articles )

01-09-2020 | ACOUSTIC METHODS | Issue 9/2020

Influence of Filler Crystal Sizes on Acoustic Emission Parameters during Tensile Testing of Parts Made of Plasticized HMX

M. S. Nikiforova, E. N. Kostyukov

01-09-2020 | THERMAL METHODS | Issue 9/2020

Features of Thermal Nondestructive Testing of Impact Damage to Products Made of Polymer Composite Materials

S. L. Chernyshev, M. Ch. Zichenkov, V. I. Golovan, A. M. Zaitsev, E. A. Kaz’min, I. E. Kovalev, A. B. Kornilov, G. A. Kornilov, A. V. Smotrov, A. A. Chernyavskii, A. O. Shustrov

01-09-2020 | THERMAL METHODS | Issue 9/2020

Performance Evaluation of Conventional CNN Architectures and Modified ALEXNET for the Classification of Potatoes by Thermal Imaging

M. A. Muthiah, E. Logashanmugam, N. M. Nandhitha, Ch. Kranthi kumar, Dama Hariteja

01-09-2020 | RADIO-WAVE TECHNIQUES | Issue 9/2020

Estimating the Extent of Exfoliation of Dielectric and Magnetodielectric Coatings with Surface Microwaves

A. I. Kaz’min, P. A. Fedyunin

01-09-2020 | RADIO-WAVE TECHNIQUES | Issue 9/2020

Detection of Hazardous Liquids Using Microwave Data and Well-Known Classification Algorithms

Ebru Efeoglu, Gurkan Tuna

01-09-2020 | ELECTROMAGNETIC METHODS | Issue 9/2020

Hysteretic Characteristic Curve Monitoring and Finite Element Analysis in Nondestructive Testing of Fabricated Foundation Pit

Dengping Hu, Chengchao Guo, Xuanxuan Chu

01-09-2020 | RADIATION METHODS | Issue 9/2020

Dual-energy X-ray Imaging in Combination with Automated Threshold Gabor Filtering for Baggage Screening Application

Amir Movafeghi, Behrouz Rokrok, Effat Yahaghi

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