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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 1/2000

Issue 1/2000

Table of Contents ( 12 Articles )

01-12-2000 | Issue 1/2000

An ICA and EC based approach for blind equalization and channel parameter estimation

Zhenya He, Ju Liu, Lüxi Yang, Chengjian Wei

01-12-2000 | Issue 1/2000

Frequency-domain method for separating signal and noise

Zhengming Wang, Xiaojun Duan

01-12-2000 | Issue 1/2000

Azimuthal anisotropy of seismic velocity, attenuation andQ value in viscous EDA media

Zhongjie Zhang, Jiwen Teng, Zhenhua He

01-12-2000 | Issue 1/2000

Recursive design of nonlinearH ∞ excitation controller

Qiang Lu, Shengwei Mei, Tielong Shen, Wei Hu

01-12-2000 | Issue 1/2000

A recursive algorithm for constructing generalized Sturm sequence

Hongguang Fu, Lu Yang, Zhenbing Zeng

01-12-2000 | Issue 1/2000

Fuzzy logic systems are equivalent to feedforward neural networks

Hongxing Li

01-12-2000 | Issue 1/2000

Sputtering of ZnO buffer layer on Si for GaN blue light emitting materials

Hongbo He, Zhengxiu Fan, Zhenyu Yao, Zhaosheng Tang

01-12-2000 | Issue 1/2000

A strong completeness theorem in intuitionistic quantified modal logic

Hengshan Gao

01-12-2000 | Issue 1/2000

Synthesis and characterization of well-aligned carbon nitrogen nanotubes by microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition

Xucun Ma, Guichang Xu, Enge Wang

01-12-2000 | Issue 1/2000

Numerical simulation of isothermal chemical vapor infiltration process in fabrication of carbon-carbon composites by finite element method

Kezhi Li, Hejun Li, Kaiyu Jiang, Xianghui Hou

01-12-2000 | Issue 1/2000

Numerical simulation of strongly swirling turbulent flows in a liquid-liquid hydrocyclone using the Reynolds stress transport equation model

Yaojun Lu, Lixing Zhou, Xiong Shen

01-12-2000 | Issue 1/2000

Complete characterization of strictly positive real regions and robust strictly positive real synthesis method

Long Wang, Wensheng Yu

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