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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 1/2003

Issue 1/2003

Table of Contents ( 10 Articles )

01-02-2003 | Issue 1/2003

The Kantorovich macro-or-mesoscopic refined solution for the heterogeneous functionally gradient material complex structure

Yong Li, Jian Song, Zhiming Zhang

01-02-2003 | Issue 1/2003

Characteristics of the boundary layer of magnetic clouds and a new definition of the cloud boundary

Fengsi Wei, Rui Liu, Quanlin Fan, Xueshang Feng

01-02-2003 | Issue 1/2003

A dynamic model with substructures for contact-impact analysis of flexible multibody systems

Anping Guo, Jiazhen Hong, Hui Yang

01-02-2003 | Issue 1/2003

A novel hybrid FEM-BEM method for 3D eddy current field calculation using current density kJ

Zhizhen Liu, Yanzhang Wang, Zhiping Jia, Yingming Sun

01-02-2003 | Issue 1/2003

Bifurcation property and persistence of configurations for parallel mechanisms

Yuxin Wang, Yiming Wang, Xueshen Liu

01-02-2003 | Issue 1/2003

Cu gettering to nanovoids in SOI materials

Miao Zhang, Yanjun Wu, Weili Liu, Zhenghua An, Chenlu Lin, Paul K. Chu

01-02-2003 | Issue 1/2003

Retrievals of underlying surface roughness and moisture from polarimetric pulse echoes in the specular direction through inhomogeneous vegetation canopy

Yaqiu Jin, Fei Chen, Mei Chang

01-02-2003 | Issue 1/2003

Model and numerical analysis of 3D corrosion layer of reinforced concrete structure

Yonghe Li, Xiurun Ge

01-02-2003 | Issue 1/2003

Power flow tracing algorithm for electric networks with loopflow

Kaigui Xie, Jiaqi Zhou

01-02-2003 | Issue 1/2003

Synthesis process and growth mechanism of γ′-Fe4N nanoparticles by phase-transformation

Maosheng Cao, Haitao Liu, Yujin Chen, Biao Wang, Jing Zhu

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