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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 10/2016

Issue 10/2016

Special Topic: Heat Transfer Optimization and Design (1463-1536)

Table of Contents ( 17 Articles )

12-08-2016 | Review | Issue 10/2016

Progress of entransy analysis on the air-conditioning system in buildings

Tao Zhang, XiaoHua Liu, HaiDa Tang, Jun Liu

14-09-2016 | Article | Issue 10/2016

Thermal analysis of a solar parabolic trough receiver tube with porous insert optimized by coupling genetic algorithm and CFD

ZhangJing Zheng, Yang Xu, YaLing He

20-09-2016 | Article | Issue 10/2016

Application of entransy dissipation based thermal resistance to design optimization of a novel finless evaporator

ZhiWei Huang, ZhenNing Li, Yunho Hwang, Reinhard Radermacher

14-09-2016 | Article | Issue 10/2016

Evaluation of convective heat transfer in a tube based on local exergy destruction rate

JunBo Wang, ZhiChun Liu, Wei Liu

20-09-2016 | Article | Issue 10/2016

Entransy dissipation minimization for generalized heat exchange processes

ShaoJun Xia, LinGen Chen, ZhiHui Xie, FengRui Sun

14-09-2016 | Article | Issue 10/2016

An area method for visualizing heat-transfer imperfection of a heat exchanger network in terms of temperature–heat-flow-rate diagrams

Jing Wu, XianPei Yang

01-10-2016 | Article | Issue 10/2016

Entransy dissipation/loss-based optimization of two-stage organic Rankine cycle (TSORC) with R245fa for geothermal power generation

TaiLu Li, ZhenHe Yuan, Peng Xu, JiaLing Zhu

20-09-2016 | Review | Issue 10/2016

A novel technique for probing phase transitions in ferroelectric functional materials: Condensed matter spectroscopy

JinZhong Zhang, Kai Jiang, ZhiGao Hu, JunHao Chu

19-09-2016 | Article | Issue 10/2016

An experimental investigation on acoustic emission characteristics of sandstone rockburst with different moisture contents

XiaoMing Sun, HuiChen Xu, LianGe Zheng, ManChao He, WeiLi Gong

20-08-2016 | Article | Issue 10/2016

Damage-induced material softening and its effect on seismic performance of steel structures

XinYue Wang, Bin Sun, ZhaoXia Li

20-09-2016 | Article | Issue 10/2016

Rapid nanopatterning technique based on monolayer silica nanosphere close-packing by spin coating

QuanDai Wang, Lian Ye, Li Wang, PengYang Li, Yi Cao, Yan Li

18-08-2016 | Article | Issue 10/2016

Low capacitance and highly reliable blind through-silicon-vias (TSVs) with vacuum-assisted spin coating of polyimide dielectric liners

YangYang Yan, Miao Xiong, Bin Liu, YingTao Ding, ZhiMing Chen

20-09-2016 | Article | Issue 10/2016

Statistical study of magnetotail flux ropes near the lunar orbit

SiQi Zhao, AnMin Tian, QuanQi Shi, ChiJie Xiao, SuiYan Fu, QiuGang Zong, HuiZi Wang, Shuai Zhang, ShaoJie Zhao, DongXiao Pan, ShangChun Teng, YiXing Liu, Kun Tan

20-09-2016 | Article | Issue 10/2016

L 1 adaptive controller design for hypersonic formation flight

Qi Chen, Jing Wan, JianLiang Ai

09-08-2016 | Article | Issue 10/2016

An efficient hybrid model for fractured reservoirs

Xia Yan, ZhaoQin Huang, Jun Yao, Yang Li, DongYan Fan, WenHui Song

14-09-2016 | News & Views | Issue 10/2016

A promising method for the analysis of notch effect on fatigue strength: Strain energy density approach

ChengQi Sun, YouShi Hong

20-09-2016 | News & Views | Issue 10/2016

New advances in biomimetic surface

LuQuan Ren

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