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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 11/2018

Issue 11/2018

Table of Contents ( 16 Articles )

04-09-2018 | Review | Issue 11/2018

The measurement of internal surface characteristics of fuel nozzle orifices using the synchrotron X-ray micro CT technology

ZhiLong Li, WenBo Zhao, ZhiJun Wu, HuiFeng Gong, ZongJie Hu, Jun Deng, LiGuang Li

11-09-2018 | Article | Issue 11/2018

Development and experimental validation of an automatic parking brake system with less driveline sensor

JunNian Wang, NaNa Sun, JiaWei Yan, DaFeng Song, QingNian Wang

13-09-2018 | Article | Issue 11/2018

Traffic network equilibrium problems with demands uncertainty and capacity constraints of arcs by scalarization approaches

JinDe Cao, RuoXia Li, Wei Huang, JianHua Guo, Yun Wei

13-09-2018 | Article | Issue 11/2018

Nonlinear dynamic behavior of inhomogeneous functional plates composed of sigmoid graded metal-ceramic materials

YanQing Wang, Jean W. Zu

21-03-2018 | Article | Issue 11/2018

Interpolation-based contour error estimation and component-based contouring control for five-axis CNC machine tools

XiangFei Li, Huan Zhao, Xin Zhao, Han Ding

23-03-2018 | Article | Issue 11/2018

The effect of thermal loading waveform on the failure mechanism of atmospheric-plasma-sprayed thermal barrier coating system

ShaoLin Li, XiaoGuang Yang, HongYu Qi, Chang Che

27-10-2018 | Article | Issue 11/2018

Grain size model for continuous dynamic recrystallization of titanium alloy in hot deformation

Lian Li, MiaoQuan Li

04-05-2018 | Article | Issue 11/2018

Flexible organic thin-film transistors based on poly(3-hexylthiophene) films for nitrogen dioxide detection

Jing Yang, GuangZhong Xie, YuanJie Su, QiuPing Zhang, HongFei Du, HuiLing Tai, XiaoSong Du, YaDong Jiang

16-08-2018 | Article | Issue 11/2018

Biodegradation of jute/poly(lactic acid) composites by fungi

Ding Ding, Tao Yu, Yan Li

08-05-2018 | Article | Issue 11/2018

Tribological properties of CrN coating deposited on 20CrMo against tin bronze

JiLiang Liu, RiDong Liao, GuoXin Xie, JianHua Xiang, Jun Luo, Bin Liao, QingYi Liu

31-05-2018 | Article | Issue 11/2018

Combustion characteristics and synergy behaviors of biomass and coal blending in oxy-fuel conditions: A single particle co-combustion method

Rui Zhang, Kai Lei, BuQing Ye, Jin Cao, Dong Liu

14-06-2018 | Article | Issue 11/2018

Thermal design of a novel heat sink cooled by natural convection with phase transition in the series loop

Hao Chen, Qiang Li

07-06-2018 | Article | Issue 11/2018

A fast algorithm for calculating surface electric field of converter valve shield system by multipole boundary element method

YuXin Shi, ZeZhong Wang

01-02-2018 | Article | Issue 11/2018

Algorithm for the estimation of ionosphere parameters from ground scatter echoes of SuperDARN

DeHong Huang, ErXiao Liu, HongQiao Hu, JianJun Liu

21-03-2018 | Article | Issue 11/2018

Dynamic instability of a pump-turbine in load rejection transient process

XiaoLong Fu, DeYou Li, HongJie Wang, GuangHui Zhang, ZhengGui Li, XianZhu Wei

11-09-2018 | News & View | Issue 11/2018

Chemical bonding in micro-pulling down process: High throughput single crystal growth

CongTing Sun, DongFeng Xue

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