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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 12/2018

Issue 12/2018

Table of Contents ( 19 Articles )

18-10-2018 | Article | Issue 12/2018

Thermodynamic assessment of solar-aided carbon dioxide conversion into fuels via Tin oxides

Hao Li, Lei Wang, MingKai Fu, Xin Li

19-11-2018 | Article | Issue 12/2018

Radiative heat transfer and thermal characteristics of Fe-based oxides coated SiC and Alumina RPC structures as integrated solar thermochemical reactor

Bachirou Guene Lougou, Yong Shuai, RuMing Pan, Gédéon Chaffa, Clément Ahouannou, Hao Zhang, HePing Tan

21-11-2018 | Article | Issue 12/2018

Shift-characteristics and bounds of thermal performance of organic Rankine cycle based on trapezoidal model

XinGuo Li, JingYi Wang, XiaoSong Wu

11-05-2018 | Article | Issue 12/2018

Experimental research on the heating performance of a single cylinder refrigerant injection rotary compressor heat pump with flash tank

JinFei Sun, DongSheng Zhu, YingDe Yin, XiuZhen Li

22-10-2018 | Article | Issue 12/2018

Stability of γ′ multimodal microstructure in a Ni-based powder metallurgy superalloy

Ming Zhang, GuoQuan Liu, Hao Wang, BenFu Hu

23-10-2018 | Article | Issue 12/2018

Atomistic simulation study of favored compositions of Ni-Nb-Al metallic glasses

Bei Cai, MengHao Yang, JianBo Liu, JiaHao Li, BaiXin Liu

11-09-2018 | Article | Issue 12/2018

Effect of thermal oxidation on microstructures and mechanical properties of nanoporous coppers

Wen Zhou, Qing Yang, ShaoDong Sun, ShuHua Liang

08-11-2018 | Article | Issue 12/2018

Imaging energetic electron spectrometer onboard a Chinese navigation satellite in the inclined GEO orbit

Hong Zou, YuGuang Ye, QiuGang Zong, HongFei Chen, JiQing Zou, Jiang Chen, WeiHong Shi, XiangQian Yu, WeiYing Zhong, YongFu Wang, XuZhi Zhou, YiXin Hao, XingRan Chen, XiangHong Jia, Feng Xu, SiPei Shao, Bo Wang, XiaoYun Hao, XiaoXin Zhang

19-10-2018 | Article | Issue 12/2018

Measurements of convection electric field in the inner magnetosphere

Xin Lv, WenLong Liu

06-02-2018 | Article | Issue 12/2018

Experimental investigation on the cracking behavior of 3D printed kinked fissure

GuoWei Ma, QianQian Dong, Li Wang

28-09-2018 | Article | Issue 12/2018

Experimental study and numerical modeling of the damage evolution of thermal barrier coating systems under tension

ShaoLin Li, HongWei Yang, HongYu Qi, JiaNan Song, XiaoGuang Yang, DuoQi Shi

18-10-2018 | Article | Issue 12/2018

Modelling three dimensional dynamic problems using the four-node tetrahedral element with continuous nodal stress

GuoHua Zhang, YongTao Yang

20-11-2018 | Article | Issue 12/2018

Microstructure and properties of nitrided layer of titanium plate, produced by simultaneous laser quenching and liquid-nitrogen cryogenics

QuanTong Yao, Chen Tian, Jian Sun, Liang Zuo, WeiPing Tong

21-11-2018 | Article | Issue 12/2018

A threshold effect of coupling delays on intra-layer synchronization in duplex networks

LongKun Tang, JunAn Lu, JinHu Lü

20-11-2018 | Article | Issue 12/2018

A flight experimental platform for synchrophasing control based on a small propeller UAV

YunFei Cao, XiangHua Huang, Long Sheng, ZhiPeng Wang

16-10-2018 | Article | Issue 12/2018

The multi-scale flow behaviors of sisal fiber reinforced composites during resin transfer molding process

Tao Yin, Yan Li, BingYan Yuan

21-11-2018 | Article | Issue 12/2018

The design and fault ride through control of un-interrupted DC-DC Autotransformer

MengBo Li, Wang Xiang, WenPing Zuo, LiangZhong Yao, WeiXing Lin, JinYu Wen

21-11-2018 | Article | Issue 12/2018

Improved fast model migration method for centrifugal compressor based on bayesian algorithm and Gaussian process model

Fei Chu, BangWu Dai, NanNan Lu, XiaoPing Ma, FuLi Wang

20-11-2018 | Article | Issue 12/2018

Effect of radial heat conduction on effective thermal conductivity of carbon nanotube bundles

JianLi Wang, YaMei Song, YuFeng Zhang, YuHan Hu, Hang Yin, YunFeng Gu, Re Xia, YunFei Chen

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