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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 2/2001

Issue 2/2001

Table of Contents ( 12 Articles )

01-04-2001 | Issue 2/2001

The effect of interfacial evaporation on heat and mass transfer of falling liquid film

Wang Buxuan, Zhang Jintao, Peng Xiaofeng

01-04-2001 | Issue 2/2001

Robot path planning in globally unknown environments based on rolling windows

Zhang Chungang, Xi Yugeng

01-04-2001 | Issue 2/2001

Optical/digital color photography based on white-light information processing

Luo Gang, Liu Fulai, Lin Lie, Fang Zhiliang, Wang Zhaoqi, Wen Zhicheng, Mu Guoguang

01-04-2001 | Issue 2/2001

Overall test evaluation based on trajectory tracking data

Wang Zhengming, Duan Xiaojun

01-04-2001 | Issue 2/2001

Analyses of thermal stress and fracture during cryopreservation of blood vessel

Hua Zezhao, Xu Hongyan, Zhou Guoyan, Liu Jinfen, Huang Huimin, Ding Wenxiang

01-04-2001 | Issue 2/2001

Convective heat transfer for incompressible laminar gas flow in micropassage with constant wall temperature

An Gang, Li Junming, Wang Buxuan

01-04-2001 | Issue 2/2001

The effects of elastic anisotropy and dislocation configuration on the superdislocation dissociation widths in TiAl

Song Xiping, Chen Guoliang

01-04-2001 | Issue 2/2001

Transmitting boundary and radiation conditions at infinity

Liao Zhenpeng

01-04-2001 | Issue 2/2001

Chaotic phenomena and small signal stability region of electrical power systems

Yu Yixin, Jia Hongjie, Wang Chengshan

01-04-2001 | Issue 2/2001

Electronic structures of nickel metal with hydrogen impurity

Feng Yanquan, Wang Chongyu, Chen Nengkuan

01-04-2001 | Issue 2/2001

Unified characteristics line theory of spacial axisymmetric plastic problem

Yu Maohong, Li Jianchun, Zhang Yongqiang

01-04-2001 | Issue 2/2001

Pseudo minimum translational distance between convex polyhedra (I)

Definition and properties
Zhu Xiangyang, Ding Han, Xiong Youlun

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