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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 2/2005

Issue 2/2005

Table of Contents ( 10 Articles )

01-03-2005 | Issue 2/2005

Linearizing the soft finger contact constraint with application to dynamic force distribution in multifingered grasping

Yu Zheng, Wenhan Qian

01-03-2005 | Issue 2/2005

Experimental study on start-up characteristics of loop heat pipes

Hongxing Zhang, Guiping Lin, Ting Ding, Xingguo Shao, R. G. Sudakov, Yu. F. Maidanik

01-03-2005 | Issue 2/2005

Anticoagulation property and security of artificial heart valve material

Xianghui Wang, Xianghuai Liu, Feng Zhang, Changrong Li, Liujiang Yu, Zhihong Zheng, Xi Wang, Zhenbin Jiang, Anqing Chen, Jingfang Xu

01-03-2005 | Issue 2/2005

A new principle of synthetic cascade utilization of chemical energy and physical energy

Hongguang Jin, Hui Hong, Baoqun Wang, Wei Han, Rumou Lin

01-03-2005 | Issue 2/2005

Two-dimensional numerical simulation of hydrodynamic behaviors of drop covered with vapor film

Riqiang Duan, Shengyao Jiang, Youjie Zhang, Haijun Jia, Xingtuan Yang

01-03-2005 | Issue 2/2005

Studies on the microstructure, optical and electrical properties of organic microcavity devices based on a porous silicon reflector

Zuhong Xiong, Yongliang Fan, Yiqiang Zhan, Songtao Zhang, Xunmin Ding, Xiaoyuan Hou

01-03-2005 | Issue 2/2005

Numerical analysis of capacitive pressure micro-sensors

Xiaomin Wang, Mingxuan Li, Chenghao Wang

01-03-2005 | Issue 2/2005

Structures and properties of [CoPt/Ag] n multilayer fims

Xiaohong Xu, Zhiguang Yang, Haishun Wu

01-03-2005 | Issue 2/2005

Microwave assisted wet oxidation of p-nitrophenol

Longli Bo, Shuo Chen, Xie Quan, Xitao Liu, Huimin Zhao

01-03-2005 | Issue 2/2005

Measurement of the linear electro-optic coefficient of a minute cBN sample

Qingping Dou, Haitao Ma, Gang Jia, Zhanguo Chen, Tiechen Zhang

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