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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 2/2012

Issue 2/2012

Special Topic on Material Sciences

Table of Contents ( 28 Articles )

01-02-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Composition dependent elastic modulus and phase stability of Ni2MnGa based ferromagnetic shape memory alloys

QingMiao Hu, HuBin Luo, ChunMei Li, Levente Vitos, Rui Yang

01-02-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Atomic mobilities and diffusivities in Al alloys

Yong Du, LiJun Zhang, SenLin Cui, DongDong Zhao, DanDan Liu, WeiBin Zhang, WeiHua Sun, WanQi Jie

01-02-2012 | Issue 2/2012

High nitrogen nickel-free austenitic stainless steel: A promising coronary stent material

Ke Yang, YiBin Ren, Peng Wan

01-02-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Progress in mesoscopic modeling of microstructure evolution in steels

NaMin Xiao, Yun Chen, DianZhong Li, YiYi Li

01-02-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Advanced cold spray technology: Deposition characteristics and potential applications

XiangKun Wu, JiShan Zhang, XiangLin Zhou, Hua Cui, JingChun Liu

01-02-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Corrosion behavior of metals or alloys with a solid NaCl deposit in wet oxygen at medium temperature

Li Liu, Ying Li, FuHui Wang

01-02-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Solidification researches using transparent model materials — A review

WeiDong Huang, LiLin Wang

01-02-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Advanced functional nanomaterials with microemulsion phase

Wei Li, Peng Xu, HuaCong Zhou, LiangRong Yang, HuiZhou Liu

01-02-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Pentacene thin film transistor with low threshold voltage and high mobility by inserting a thin metal phthalocyanines interlayer

Yi Li, Qi Liu, XiZhang Wang, Tsuyoshi Sekitani, Takao Someya, Zheng Hu

01-02-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Giant piezoresponse and promising application of environmental friendly small-ion-doped ZnO

Feng Pan, JingTing Luo, YuChao Yang, XuBo Wang, Fei Zeng

01-02-2012 | Issue 2/2012

In vitro and in vivo evaluation of porous NiTi alloy modified by sputtering a surface TiO2 film

Bin Yuan, Hao Li, Yan Gao, ChiYuen Chung, Min Zhu

01-02-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Large magnetocaloric effect in metamagnetic HoPdAl

ZhiYi Xu, BaoGen Shen

01-02-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Low strain rate compressive behavior of high porosity closed-cell aluminum foams

BinChao Li, GuiPing Zhao, TianJian Lu

01-02-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Application of the O-line model to martensite crystallography

XinFu Gu, WenZheng Zhang

01-02-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Damping behavior of Ti50.1Ni49.9 alloy in reverse martensitic transformation region

JianMin Zeng, HaiChang Jiang, ShuWei Liu, LiJian Rong

01-02-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Thermodynamic description of the Mn-Si-Zn system

LiJun Zhang, Yong Du, HongHui Xu, JingRui Zhao

01-02-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Ultra-fast densification of CNTs reinforced alumina based on combustion reaction and quick pressing

ZhengYi Fu, LiWei Huang, JinYong Zhang, Richard Todd

01-02-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Influence of extrusion ratio on microstructure and texture developments of high-temperature extruded AZ31 Mg alloy

NaLi Li, GuangJie Huang, RenLong Xin, Qing Liu

01-02-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Sound radiation of parallelly stiffened plates under convected harmonic pressure excitation

FengXian Xin, TianJian Lu

01-02-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Reversible magnetocaloric effect and refrigeration capacity enhanced by two successive magnetic transitions in DyB2

Hui Meng, Bing Li, Zheng Han, YuQin Zhang, XianWei Wang, ZhiDong Zhang

01-02-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Improvement in the liquid zinc corrosion resistance of high Nb-TiAl alloys by pre-oxidation in a SiO2-powder pack

PengFei Sun, LaiQi Zhang, Li Zhang, JunPin Lin

01-02-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Effect of trace element vanadium on superplasticity of 5083 aluminium alloy sheets

XiangJie Wang, FuGuan Cong, QingFeng Zhu, JianZhong Cui

01-02-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Constructal entransy dissipation rate minimization for leaf-like fins

HuiJun Feng, LinGen Chen, FengRui Sun

01-02-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Two-dimensional numerical simulation of thermocapillary convection in detached solidification

Lan Peng, JuYan Fan, YouRong Li, HaiYong Meng

01-02-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Homogeneous large deformation analysis of a dielectric elastomer peristaltic actuator

XiaoHong Wu, WenJie Sun, Bo Li, HuaLing Chen, JinXiong Zhou

01-02-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Dense gas-particle flow in vertical channel by multi-lattice trajectory model

HuiQiang Zhang, Min Liu, Bing Wang, XiLin Wang

01-02-2012 | Issue 2/2012

A new constitutive law for the nonlinear normal deformation of rock joints under normal load

Guan Rong, Kai Huang, ChuangBing Zhou, XiaoJiang Wang, Jun Peng

01-02-2012 | Issue 2/2012

Coupling of wave and current numerical model with unstructured quadtree grid for nearshore coastal waters

MingLiang Zhang, WeiMing Wu, LiHua Lin, JiangNan Yu

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