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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 2/2015

Issue 2/2015

Special Topic: High-speed Railway Infrastructure (II) (191-247)

Table of Contents ( 23 Articles )

01-02-2015 | Article | Issue 2/2015

A frequency and amplitude dependent model of rail pads for the dynamic analysis of train-track interaction

ShengYang Zhu, ChengBiao Cai, Zhen Luo, ZhongQi Liao

01-02-2015 | Article | Issue 2/2015

Safety threshold of high-speed railway pier settlement based on train-track-bridge dynamic interaction

ZhaoWei Chen, WanMing Zhai, ChengBiao Cai, Yu Sun

01-02-2015 | Article | Issue 2/2015

An oversize correction method of dry density for non-cohesive soils filling the embankment of high-speed railway

Jian Chen, Qiang Luo, LiangWei Jiang, Liang Zhang, MinZhi Zhao

01-02-2015 | Article | Issue 2/2015

Wind tunnel test on aerodynamic effect of wind barriers on train-bridge system

WeiWei Guo, YuJing Wang, He Xia, Shan Lu

01-02-2015 | Article | Issue 2/2015

Wheel/rail dynamic interaction due to excitation of rail corrugation in high-speed railway

KaiYun Wang, PengFei Liu, WanMing Zhai, Chao Huang, ZaiGang Chen, JianMin Gao

01-02-2015 | Article | Issue 2/2015

Vertical dynamic response of the ballastless track on long-span plate-truss cable-stayed bridges

YongLe Li, Yang Su, FeiLong Xia, Nan Zhang

01-02-2015 | Article | Issue 2/2015

Unified modeling of high temperature deformations of a Ni-based polycrystalline wrought superalloy under tension-compression, cyclic, creep and creep-fatigue loadings

Jia Huang, DuoQi Shi, XiaoGuang Yang, HuiChen Yu, ChengLi Dong

01-02-2015 | Article | Issue 2/2015

A study on the catalytic performance of carbide slag in transesterification and the calculation of kinetic parameters

MengQi Liu, ShengLi Niu, ChunMei Lu, Hui Li, MengJia Huo

01-02-2015 | Article | Issue 2/2015

Coating of microbially produced calcium carbonate onto stone materials

WenKun Zhu, Tao Mu, YouKui Zhang, Tao Duan, XueGang Luo

01-02-2015 | Article | Issue 2/2015

Transparent soft PDMS eggshell

YiYu Lai, Jing Liu

01-02-2015 | Article | Issue 2/2015

Influence of static pre-loading on the dynamic bending strength of concrete with particle element modeling

MingXin Wu, ChuHan Zhang

01-02-2015 | Article | Issue 2/2015

Smoothing methods based on coordinate transformation in a linear space and application in airfoil aerodynamic design optimization

Chao Wang, ZhengHong Gao, JiangTao Huang, Ke Zhao, Jing Li

01-02-2015 | Article | Issue 2/2015

Efficient aero-structural design optimization: Coupling based on reverse iteration of structural model

YingTao Zuo, ZhengHong Gao, Gang Chen, XiaoPeng Wang, YueMing Li

01-02-2015 | Article | Issue 2/2015

Effects of foundation damage and water-level change on vibration modal parameters of gravity-type caisson structure

So-Young Lee, Jeong-Tae Kim

01-02-2015 | Article | Issue 2/2015

Reconstruction of plasmoid and traveling compression region in the near-Earth magnetotail

ShangWen Lu, QiuGang Zong, Ioannis Vogiatzis, YongFu Wang, AnMin Tian

01-02-2015 | Article | Issue 2/2015

Effects of spaceflight and simulated microgravity on cell sub-microstructure and antioxidant enzyme activity in tomato

Yu Chen, JinYing Lu, HuaSheng Li, Qiao Sun, Ying Zhao, Liang Su, Min Liu

01-02-2015 | Article | Issue 2/2015

A novel linear microprobe array for the fabrication of neural microelectrodes

ShanShan Zhao, WeiHua Pei, Hui Zhao, YiJun Wang, SanYuan Chen, YuanFang Chen, He Zhang, DongMei Guo, Qiang Gui, HongDa Chen

01-02-2015 | Article | Issue 2/2015

An investigation of numerical aperture of air-core photonic bandgap fiber

XiaoBin Xu, FuYu Gao, ZhiHao Zhang, Jing Jin, NingFang Song

01-02-2015 | Article | Issue 2/2015

A write buffer design based on stable and area-saving embedded SRAM for flash applications

HuaMin Cao, ZongLiang Huo, Yu Wang, Ting Li, Jing Liu, Lei Jin, Dan-Dan Jiang, DengJun Zhang, Di Li, Ming Liu

01-02-2015 | Article | Issue 2/2015

A comparative electrochemical investigation of silicon nanowires formation via metal-catalyzed electroless etching

Lin Liu

01-02-2015 | Article | Issue 2/2015

An effective thermal conductivity model for unsaturated compacted bentonites with consideration of bimodal shape of pore size distribution

YiFeng Chen, Min Wang, Song Zhou, Ran Hu, ChuangBing Zhou

01-02-2015 | Article | Issue 2/2015

Formation mechanism of multi-functional black silicon based on optimized deep reactive ion etching technique with SF6/C4F8

FuYun Zhu, XiaoSheng Zhang, HaiXia Zhang

01-02-2015 | Article | Issue 2/2015

Impact of TID on response to pulsed X-ray irradiation in the bipolar operational amplifier

RuiBin Li, GuiZhen Wang, Wei Chen, Qiang Ma, Yan Liu, DongSheng Lin, ShanChao Yang, XiaoYan Bai, Chao Qi, XiaoMing Jin

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