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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 3/2000

Issue 3/2000

Table of Contents ( 13 Articles )

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

Influence of Si buffer layer on the giant magnetoresistance effect in Co/Cu/Co sandwiches

Guanxiong Li, Honglie Shen, Qinwo Shen, Tie Li, Shichang Zou

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

Selective attention to orientation and closure: An event-related potential study

Shimin Fu, Silu Fan, Lin Chen

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

Triple I method and interval valued fuzzy reasoning

Guojun Wang

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

Combinatorial fractal Brownian motion model

Jubo Zhu, Diannong Liang

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

Structure analysis of a class of fuzzy controllers using pseudo trapezoid shaped membership functions

Ke Zeng, Naiyao Zhang, Wenli Xu

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

A generalized theory on the penetrating boundary conditions

Zhenhai Shao, Wei Hong, Jianyi Zhou

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

I/O correlation properties of bent functions

Baodong Zhang, Shuwang Lü

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

Interval interpolating wavelets with robust boundary filters

Penglang Shui, Zheng Bao

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

Joint frequency, 2D AOA and polarization estimation using fourth-order cumulants

Jianying Wang, Tianqi Chen

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

A new class of scrambling transformation and its application in the image information covering

Dongxu Qi, Jiancheng Zou, Xiaoyou Han

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

Pole assignment for stochastic systems with unknown coefficients

Hanfu Chen, Xiren Cao

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

Crystallographic mechanism of inverse twinning in ordered β′-CuZn alloy

Weimin Mao

01-06-2000 | Issue 3/2000

Exponential stability and periodic solutions of delayed cellular neural networks

Jinde Cao

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