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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 3/2009

Issue 3/2009

Special Issue on Mechanics Science

Table of Contents ( 29 Articles )

01-03-2009 | Issue 3/2009

Numerical modeling of concrete hydraulic fracturing with extended finite element method

QingWen Ren, YuWen Dong, TianTang Yu

01-03-2009 | Issue 3/2009

Laser-generated thermoelastic acoustic sources and acoustic waves in anisotropic plate

BaiQiang Xu, Feng Wang, Jun Feng, JiJun Wang, HongXiang Sun, Ying Luo

01-03-2009 | Issue 3/2009

A hybrid-stress solid-shell element for non-linear analysis of piezoelectric structures

LinQuan Yao, K. Y. Sze

01-03-2009 | Issue 3/2009

Three-dimensional elasticity solution of simple-supported rectangular plate on point supports, line supports and elastic foundation

YePeng Xu, Ding Zhou

01-03-2009 | Issue 3/2009

Equilibrium equations for nonlinear buckling analysis of drill-strings in 3D curved well-bores

MeiLan Tan, LiFei Gan

01-03-2009 | Issue 3/2009

In-plane elastic stability of fixed parabolic shallow arches

JianGuo Cai, Jian Feng, Yao Chen, LiFeng Huang

01-03-2009 | Issue 3/2009

On fractional control method for four-wheel-steering vehicle

Ning Chen, Nan Chen, YanDong Chen

01-03-2009 | Issue 3/2009

Micromechanical analysis of interaction energy for SMA reinforced composite

YuPing Zhu, GuanSuo Dui, Liu Duo

01-03-2009 | Issue 3/2009

Nonlinear vibrations of nano-beams accounting for nonlocal effect using a multiple scale method

XiaoDong Yang, C. W. Lim

01-03-2009 | Issue 3/2009

Dynamic substructure model for multiple impact responses of micro/nano piezoelectric precision drive system

Yunian Shen, XiaoChun Yin

01-03-2009 | Issue 3/2009

A macro-meso constitutive law for concrete having imperfect interface and nonlinear matrix

Qing Zhang, XiaoZhou Xia

01-03-2009 | Issue 3/2009

Experimental study on the mechanical properties of rocks at high temperature

LianYing Zhang, XianBiao Mao, AiHong Lu

01-03-2009 | Issue 3/2009

Measurement of creep of optical fiber by a low coherent white light double interferometer system

ZhiHong Xu, Farhad Ansari

01-03-2009 | Issue 3/2009

Effects of volumetric allocation on heave response of semisubmersible in deep sea

HuiQin Zhang, JiaChun Li

01-03-2009 | Issue 3/2009

Numerical simulations of self-propelled swimming of 3D bionic fish school

ChuiJie Wu, Liang Wang

01-03-2009 | Issue 3/2009

Large-Eddy Simulations of turbulent flows with lattice Boltzmann dynamics and dynamical system sub-grid models

Hui Guan, ChuiJie Wu

01-03-2009 | Issue 3/2009

Fractal derivative multi-scale model of fluid particle transverse accelerations in fully developed turbulence

HongGuang Sun, Wen Chen

01-03-2009 | Issue 3/2009

Absolute scaling law for temperature data in Rayleigh-Benard convection

Qiang Fu

01-03-2009 | Issue 3/2009

Compensation for time-delayed feedback bang-bang control of quasi-integrable Hamiltonian systems

ZhongHua Liu, WeiQiu Zhu

01-03-2009 | Issue 3/2009

A perturbation-incremental scheme for studying Hopf bifurcation in delayed differential systems

Jian Xu, Kwok Wai Chung

01-03-2009 | Issue 3/2009

Bifurcation and chaos of the bladed overhang rotor system with squeeze film dampers

DengQing Cao, LiGang Wang, YuShu Chen, WenHu Huang

01-03-2009 | Issue 3/2009

Dynamics of vehicle-pavement coupled system based on a revised flexible roller contact tire model

ShaoPu Yang, ShaoHua Li, YongJie Lu

01-03-2009 | Issue 3/2009

Periodic and chaotic dynamics of composite laminated piezoelectric rectangular plate with one-to-two internal resonance

Wei Zhang, ZhiGang Yao, MingHui Yao

01-03-2009 | Issue 3/2009

On two transverse nonlinear models of axially moving beams

Hu Ding, LiQun Chen

01-03-2009 | Issue 3/2009

Costate estimation for dynamic systems of the second order

Hao Wen, DongPing Jin, HaiYan Hu

01-03-2009 | Issue 3/2009

Decomposition of almost Poisson structure of non-self-adjoint dynamical systems

YongXin Guo, Chang Liu, ShiXing Liu, Peng Chang

01-03-2009 | Issue 3/2009

Bursting of Morris-Lecar neuronal model with current-feedback control

LiXia Duan, QiShao Lu, DaiZhan Cheng

01-03-2009 | Issue 3/2009

p-moment stability of stochastic impulsive differential equations and its application in impulsive control

Wei Xu, YuJun Niu, HaiWu Rong, ZhongKui Sun

01-03-2009 | Issue 3/2009

Improved generalized cell mapping for global analysis of dynamical systems

HaiLin Zou, JianXue Xu

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