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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 4/2000

Issue 4/2000

Table of Contents ( 12 Articles )

01-08-2000 | Issue 4/2000

Analytical theory for shape stiffness

Jinzhi Zhang

01-08-2000 | Issue 4/2000

Simple method of calculating the transient thermal performance of composite material and its applicable condition

Yinping Zhang, Xingang Liang, Yi Jiang, Hongfa Di, Zhijun Nin

01-08-2000 | Issue 4/2000

The multi-dimension RSA and its low exponent security

Zhenfu Cao

01-08-2000 | Issue 4/2000

Analysis and study of a handoff scheme with multiple priority strategies

Bo Li, Chengke Wu, Kaiji Mukumoto, Akira Fukuda

01-08-2000 | Issue 4/2000

Geometric structure of generalized controlled Hamiltonian systems and its application

Daizhan Cheng, Zairong Xi, Qiang Lu, Shengwei Mei

01-08-2000 | Issue 4/2000

Representation of 1/f signal with wavelet bases

Feng Liu, Guizhong Liu, Zhuosheng Zhang

01-08-2000 | Issue 4/2000

Simulation of multiple scattering of seismic waves by spatially distributed inclusions

Enru Liu, John H. Queen, Zhongjie Zhang, Dong Chen

01-08-2000 | Issue 4/2000

Tomographic imagine of ionospheric structures and disturbances in the region of East-Asian equatorial anomaly

Jisheng Xu, Xiongbin Wu, Shuying Ma, Mao Tian, Shengbing Yu, K. C. Yeh, J. S. Franke, W. H. Tsaoi, K. H. Lin

01-08-2000 | Issue 4/2000

On current trace problem

Xifan Wang, Xiuli Wang

01-08-2000 | Issue 4/2000

A novel method for generating pseudorandom integer strings and pseudorandom sequences

Dewen Hu

01-08-2000 | Issue 4/2000

Stress distribution and effective stress intensity factor of a blunt crack after dislocation emission

Caifu Qian, Lijie Qiao, Quyang Chu

01-08-2000 | Issue 4/2000

Variable structure control for MRAC systems with perturbations in input and output channels

Yuqiang Wu, Xinghuo Yu, Chunbo Feng

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