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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 4/2001

Issue 4/2001

Table of Contents ( 14 Articles )

01-08-2001 | Issue 4/2001

Pseudo minimum translational distance between convex polyhedra (II)

Robot collision-free path planning
Xiangyang Zhu, Han Ding, Youlun Xiong

01-08-2001 | Issue 4/2001

The influence of temperature on stacking fault energy in Fe-based alloys

Jianfeng Wan, Shipu Chen, Zuyao Xu

01-08-2001 | Issue 4/2001

Analysis and control of novel split-winding doubly salient permanent magnet motor for adjustable speed drive

Ming Cheng, E. Zhou

01-08-2001 | Issue 4/2001

Experimental measurement and elaborate analysis of strain hardening exponent in tensile deformation

Yuquan Song, Yongchun Cheng, Xiwen Wang

01-08-2001 | Issue 4/2001

Solid catalytic growth mechanism of micro-coiled carbon fibers

Jinhong Du, Ge Su, Shuo Bai, Chao Sun, Huiming Cheng

01-08-2001 | Issue 4/2001

Nano-phases and corrosion resistance of C+Mo dual implanted steel

Tonghe Zhang, Yuguang Wu, Zhongzhen YI, Xu Zhang, Xiaoyan Wang

01-08-2001 | Issue 4/2001

Arc sensing system for automatic weld seam tracking (II)

Signal processing
Jiluan Pan

01-08-2001 | Issue 4/2001

One-dimensional chains of gold clusters on the surface of highly oriented pyrolytic graphite

Shimin Hou, Chenggang Tao, Hongwen Liu, Xingyu Zhao, Weimin Liu, Zengquan Xue

01-08-2001 | Issue 4/2001

Composite Eshelby model and domain band geometries of ferroelectric ceramics

Wei Yang, Hongtao Wang, Yuanqing Cui

01-08-2001 | Issue 4/2001

Explicit analytical wave solutions of unsteady 1D ideal gas flow with friction and heat transfer

Ruixian Cai, Na Zhang

01-08-2001 | Issue 4/2001

Influence of tail-like magnetic field on O+ ion distribution in the Martian magnetosphere

Jiankui Shi, Zhenxing Liu, T. L. Zhang, K. Torkar

01-08-2001 | Issue 4/2001

Hemocompatibility of DLC coatings synthesized by ion beam assisted deposition

Dejun Li, Jie Zhao, Hanqing Gu

01-08-2001 | Issue 4/2001

Superheating and melting behaviors of Ag clusters with Ni coating studied by molecular dynamics and experiments

Fengting Xu, Jian Zhong, Zhaohui Jin, Ke Lu

01-08-2001 | Issue 4/2001

A threshold key escrow scheme based on public key cryptosystem

Zhenfu Cao

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